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Emirati Squad Saves Child, Man 120 Hours After Turkey Earthquake



Emirati Squad Saves Child, Man 120 Hours After Turkey Earthquake

The deadly earthquake in Turkey and Syria took thousands of lives. Over 23,831 people have been killed and 80,052 injured, according to the country’s disaster agency.

UAE’s ‘Gallant Knight/2’ operation is brilliantly supporting international rescue efforts to save people’s lives during this terrifying natural disaster, UAE’s Emirati Squad team stepped up and performed brilliantly in rescue and search operations.

How does the Emirati squad work?

Emirati Squad saved an 11 years-old child and a man who was in his mid-fifties and sixties trapped among the rubble for over 120 hours after the disaster occurred in the Kahramanmaras province. 

Medical professionals treated the survivors immediately after they were saved, and they are currently in good health. Previously this week, an Emirati rescue team also saved a Syrian family of four who was badly trapped under rubble in Turkey.

How does the Emirati squad work

The family was transferred to the hospital, and Emirati medical personnel provided them with immediate support. The family’s friends and relatives who were there at the scene of the collapsed house expressed gratitude and thanks to the Emirati search and rescue  Team.

The Emirati squad is an emergency response team based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In general, rescue squads in the UAE play an important role in responding to emergencies and natural disasters, providing medical assistance, and ensuring the safety and wellness of those in need.

The UAE’s Emirati Squad has highly skilled staff with well equipped professionals to provide a range of support services. This can include search and rescue, medical assistance, the provision of essential supplies, and the deployment of specialized teams to address specific types of emergencies.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established itself as a leader in disaster response and aid and has played a prominent role in providing support to countries affected by natural disasters. In addressing global challenges, the UAE adheres to humanitarian principles and emphasizes international cooperation.

There are several initiatives and organizations dedicated to disaster response and relief, including cc (RCA), International Humanitarian City (IHC), and the UAE Disaster Management Team. The RCA is the primary organization responsible for coordinating the UAE’s response to natural disasters and emergencies.

The RCA works with local and international Organizations to provide aid to affected populations and has established a number of programs aimed at improving the effectiveness of disaster response efforts. Whereas International Humanitarian City is a humanitarian logistics hub based in Dubai that serves as a  center for disaster response operations, it provides a range of services to disaster response organizations, including warehousing, transportation, and logical support.

And the  UAE Disaster Management Team is a specialized unit within the UAE Armed Forces that is trained and equipped to respond to natural disasters and other emergencies. The team is capable of deploying quickly to affected areas and providing a range of support services, including search and rescue, medical assistance, and relief supplies.

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These are the specific UAE organizations that work brilliantly in any kind of emergency within the country or outside the country. The UAE also provides financial and material support to countries affected by natural disasters through donations and relief aid.

The UAE has a long history of supporting disaster relief efforts and has provided assistance to countries affected by earthquakes, Hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Significant investment has been made in UAE’s emergency response capabilities in recent years to ensure that the UAE has the expertise and resources it needs to respond to disasters quickly and effectively. This includes the development of advanced technology, the establishment of specialized response teams, and the establishment of partnerships with international organizations and other countries.

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