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Endowment Launches To Support Arabic Language Academies By Sharjah Ruler



Endowment Launches To Support Arabic Language Academies By Sharjah Ruler

The member of the supreme council and ruler of Sharjah, his highness sheik Dr. Sulthan bin Mohammed al Qasimi declared a charity establishment aimed to support Arabic language academics.

The charity was launched along with the celebration of marking the publication of 19 new volumes of the Historical Corpus of the Arabic languages in the presence of 14 Arabic language academics from 12 additional countries at the Arabic language academy (ALA) on Tuesday.

Sharjah Ruler Establishes Endowment To Support Arabic Language Academies

19 new additional volumes were added to the existing 17 volumes, making a total of 36 volumes in the Historical corpus of the Arabic Language. The new 19 volumes focus on the 4 Arabic letters haa, khaa, dal, and that.

Endowment Launches To Support Arabic Language Academies By Sharjah Ruler

Each of these volumes is specifically designed based on Islamic data and published by Al Qasimi publications. This effort is remarked as a historical feat of the ruler of Sharjah in endowing and encouraging the growth of the Arabic language.

The existing first 17 volumes of the Historical Corpus of the Arabic language were released along with the official site for corpus by his highness sheik Dr. Sulthan bin Mohammed al Qasimi himself last year on November 2 at the expo center in Sharjah.

The first volumes were dedicated to the Arabic letters: Hamza, ba, ta, tha and jeem and highlight their evolution throughout the history of the Islamic era 1AH to 132AH, 133AH to 656AH indicating the Abbasid caliphate era, and the modern-day from 1214 AH to this date.

Historical corps allows access to the material in digital form as well. Researchers can follow the volumes and find out the roots and origin of each letter and word, the development of idioms and expression throughout the centuries, and the list of letters and words that has diminished from the Arabic language. It also offers other Semitic languages such as Syriac, Hebrew, Akkadian, and Amharic. It also drafts back to the first user of language and how it matured from the pre-Islamic era to the modern world.

His highness sheik Dr. Sulthan bin Mohammed al Qasimi applauded the hard work and dedication of the representative of the Arabic academics in producing the Historical Corpus, claiming that it is one of the crucial tools for promoting the Arabic language in the nation. Expressed the importance of language academics for preserving, protecting, and promoting the Arabic language and delivering the right place for its studies, research, education, and learning as well as highlighting the significance of launching centers by their respective academics, as an initiative for strengthening the presence of Arabic language across the nation.

His highness Sheikh sultan addressed their own exceptional effort to promote the Arabic language, which eventually led to the establishment of Al Qasimia university, which promotes the learning of the Arabic language and invites students from foreign countries to diverge the Arabic language across the world. 

Many attendees from the event as well as Arabic language academics expressed their gratitude towards the sheik sultan for his efforts to toughen and advance the role of the Arabic language by providing financial funds and strategic ideas. They unleashed that it is the vision and ideas of his highness Dr. Sulthan bin Mohammed al Qasimi that led to the establishment of the Historical Corpus, which has been just a dream throughout the years and now has enriched the standard of Sharjah’s status as an A-1 destination for arts, language, and culture

He also concluded that founding institutions for learning and research will not go in vain, he ensures that the people of Sharjah will enrich the Arabic language in form of literature and poetry.

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