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Indian Actress Erica Fernandes Moves To Dubai, As She Found A New Home In UAE



The Indian Television actress, Erica Fernandes, has moved to Dubai recently. She has found a new home in Dubai and is extremely satisfied living there. She has however not stopped working on the Indian Silver screen as of now. She flies back to India for her work commitments very often. She has been living in Dubai for a few months now.

In a recent tweet, she expressed that she started feeling stagnant in India and she desperately needed a change in her daily schedule. In fact, she considers reaching Dubai from Mumbai more faster and feasible than travelling from one place to another in Mumbai itself. 

On being asked if she has really quitted Indian Television, she replied negatively and stated that Indian television is an inseparable part of her career. She will travel back and forth from Dubai to Mumbai to meet her obligations and work commitments.

She is also exploring new opportunities for work in Dubai. She acted in various Indian television shows such as Kasuati Zindagi Kay 2 and Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi in the capacity of the lead actress. She has been doing very well in her career. It would be right to say that she has ruled millions of hearts with her charm, beauty and most importantly her talent and hard work. 

Erica Fernandes always had two homes, one of them was in India while the other one was in Dubai

In a recent interview with a marketing agency in Dubai, Erica revealed that her father always lived in India. In fact, she travelled from Dubai to India every week when she started her modelling career. She has worked in Indian television for nearly a decade now.

Erica Fernandes has found a new home in Dubai UAE

She lived in India whenever she worked here and moved to Dubai after completing her assignments. Until now everything was perfectly aligned with each other, but according to Erica, things were getting monotonous. Therefore, she decided to settle down in Dubai at least for some time so as to explore something new and fruitful. 

She went ahead stating that her father has been a great inspiration for her and she couldn’t really take this decision without his support. She has the calibre to manage multiple commitments at the same time. With many projects already lined up in India, she is currently in deliberation with Emirati directors for some documentaries and web shows.

In the interview, she acknowledged the challenges of working in two countries simultaneously but at the same time, she expressed faith and confidence in her abilities.  She believes that all of these challenges will hone her skills and will prepare her for the future. 

It is a matter of honour and pride for Indian Television that Erica is representing the country on a global platform. It isn’t the first time that Erica has signed International projects. In the year of 2018, she worked with a Korean Production House for shooting an ad film. She has also directed a documentary with an Australian producer some years ago.

However, it has been for the first time that she has officially moved to a new country from India. According to Erica, this marks the beginning of a new chapter in her career. She considers Dubai to be her comfort zone which contributes to her development holistically. However, she isn’t really sure if she would return back to India in the coming years. She wants to work in shows that have sufficient room for performance and short-term commitments for the time being. 

Erica considers herself to be a free bird. She perfectly balances her personal and professional life. She told the editor of an Indian Magazine that Dubai helps her grow personally and professionally. She wants to do something new in her life and Dubai is the best platform to kick-start her new journey. However, she has expressed no intention to cut ties with Indian television.

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On being asked if she will shift to any other countries in the future, she expressed her uncertainty and cluelessness. She wants to come out of her shell and explore new opportunities. 

Erica Fernandes currently lives with her family in Dubai. The actress shared that there couldn’t be any place like Dubai for her as she is comfortable living with her family. She is spending quality time with her family and has been off for several holidays so far.

She is learning a lot from the cultural diversity of Dubai and the infrastructure of the country simply mesmerises her. The 30-year-old actress had an outstanding experience in Dubai for the time being. It has been very smooth so far now and she expects the same to continue in the future as well.

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