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Etihad Airways To Launch Flight Bookings Through Astra Tech’s Botim App



Etihad Airways To Launch Flight Bookings Through Astra Tech's Botim App

Astra Tech, which happens to be a leading consumer technology company in the United Arab Emirates has finally decided to enter into a partnership with Etihad Airways so as to enable the customers to book their flights through BOTIM. This is one of the most popular Voices over Internet Protocol options, and it was just relaunched as an Ultra app.

This latest solution is likely to provide hassle-free and easy ways for customers to book themselves in advance with the airline. The BOTIM GPT module is helpful for integrating trade-related services through the app and provides innovative ways to book Etihad Airlines.

Etihad Airlines delivers a unique platform through Astra Tech to all its customers

This application will help to enhance the travel experience for the travellers. This platform will be able to offer better promotions and financing options to customers over a period of time.

The objective behind such a partnership is to offer focused solutions to meet the evolving needs of the customers. Etihad and Astra Tech are committed to offering comprehensive and integrated services that will help to enhance the inclusivity of travel-related services to the customers. 

Etihad Airways

BOTIM has been one of the most creative products of the partnership. This product has been able to establish a connection between airlines and customers.

The platform aims to provide the latest facilities such as prepayment and post-payment offers. There are new instalment plans that ease the process of booking for the customers. Etihad Airlines is constantly working to strengthen the digital landscape for its customers.

Mr. Abdullah Abu Sheikh, who is the founder of Astra Tech has recently expressed this satisfaction in an interview for having launched an innovative solution for their customers. 

This platform has been able to combine the benefits of fintech and e-commerce for customers over a period of time and has emerged as an important tool to access digital services.

It supports peer-to-peer transactions and international transactions. It has also launched around 100,000+ stores and advanced video services such as tutoring and telemedicine over a period of time.

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BOTIM has emerged to be a seamless platform that can be accessed through different parts of the world. It supports the interactions even with the MENA region. 

The developers are constantly working to refine the existing version of BOTIM and pave the way for BOTIM 3.0. This new version will be an all-inclusive platform that will be able to combine the benefits of communications and interactions on a daily basis.

The version will be powered by artificial intelligence. It will help to promote the single-user experience through digitalization and integration of AI-generated tools.

This will provide a better experience to the users over a period of time. The aim behind such developments is to improve the connectivity among people digitally and virtually. Such partnerships will help to improve the quality of the services.

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