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UAE: Expo City Mall In Dubai To Open By 2024



Expo City Mall In Dubai To Open By 2024

The Dubai Media Office has recently announced that the most awaited Expo City Mall will open next year. The mall is built at a very strategic location in Dubai. This mall is a part of the Expo City Dubai, a strategic project to transform the world’s largest fair site in Dubai into a sprawling residential area. This project is likely to complete in phases.

The Expo City Mall will be completed by the end of the first phase in 2024. This mall will be one of the largest malls in Dubai. It will harbor the outlets of luxurious brands and renowned food outlets. The developers have built this mall with the most advanced technology.

The construction of the Expo City Mall is already underway. The Directors of the Expo City Dubai have also notified the tenders for the corporate offices, studios, and outlets in the mall itself. This mall will be accessible from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Expo Road, and Jebel Ali Road. In addition, visitors can easily reach Expo City Mall via the Dubai Expo 2020 metro station. This station was built to establish connectivity with the world fair located at Emaar South. The authorities behind the project have converted the world fair site into a residential project near which Expo City Mall is being constructed.

Expo City Mall will complement the utility of Expo City Dubai

The Expo City Dubai has been launched at a wholesome valuation of USD 42 billion. The project offers residential complexes, flats, villas, and studios for sale. Their prices start at USD 327,000. This project is bestowed with an eco-friendly design and has been developed with the help of sustainable means. It was inaugurated on 1st October 2022, and ever since its inception, it has welcomed around 10 million residents and 24 million visitors.

Dubai announces Expo City Mall to open in 2024

This project has successfully generated more than 35,000 jobs in a year. The premises of the Expo City Dubai, in addition to residential properties, comprise almost every kind of basic amenity such as wellness center, swimming centers, clubs, meditating homes, supermarkets, huge gardens, and the Expo City Mall, which is likely to be the most prominent attraction of the project.

The Expo City Mall is spread across an area of 3,85,000 square feet. The residents of Dubai can easily access this Mall. Various modes of transportation are available to reach this Mall, such as the Dubai Metro, buggies, and inter-city buses. However, Expo City Dubai has strictly prohibited the entry of private vehicles within the premises to promote a sustainable, clean, and fresh environment for the residents.

The visitors will, however, have the option to hire scooters and bicycles parked at the entrance of the Expo City Dubai. They can easily reach the Expo City Mall on these vehicles at very reasonable costs. In addition, the use of plastic is strictly warned against. If any visitor or a complex resident fails to abide by these rules, they are heavily fined.

All the buildings, including the Expo City Mall in Dubai, adhere to international safety and sustainability standards. The objective behind such compliance is to reduce the wastage of energy and water. All of these measures align with the vision of the Dubai Government to promote sustainable development in Dubai to contribute to mitigating global problems.

In a press release, the President of Dubai has recently acknowledged the need to develop the nation’s economy in a way that fulfills the needs of the present generation without compromising the desires of the future generation. Such measures can potentially bring huge changes in the times to come. Expo City Dubai is one of a kind. The second project launched in Dubai redefines the sustainable pattern of living.

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In addition, to these developments, the Expo City Dubai will also witness the inauguration of Expo Valley and Expo Central before the Expo City Mall opens its doors to the public. These two strategic buildings will act as platforms for undertaking research in architecture to improve the design of such projects in the times to come.

The Expo City Mall will comprise hundreds of brands. There will be many food and beverage outlets in that mall. These facilities will be very helpful to the residents residing in Expo City Dubai as they won’t have to rush to the city center for their basic needs. The mall will have everything from grocery stores to supermarkets, clothing, footwear, and home appliances. Therefore, the residents are very excited about the opening of the mall.

It is important to note that the developers behind this project have expressed their willingness to assist the Dubai Government in reshaping the infrastructure of the emirates. This will help to promote the idea of sustainability and inclusive development.

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