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Fake Groom Costs A Woman Dhs1.364 Million In Abu Dhabi



Fake Groom Costs A Woman Dhs1.364 Million In Abu Dhabi

Two women and a man have been accused of defrauding a woman in Dubai recently. According to the sources, two women approached a woman and assured her of finding a prospective groom for her. The two women disguised their identity as being the owners of the marriage bureau and introduced a non-resident of the UAE, as an apt groom for the victim.

They had arranged for a meeting for the duo in Abu Dhabi and had made sure that the victim fell into the false trap. The victim had accused the defendants of conning her and extorting money from her on the pretext of marriage. 

The victim has filed a case before the police authorities and demanded an adequate investigation in this process. After discovering the truth, the police believed in the veracity of the statement of the victim so far and thereafter arrested the accused.

The woman has filed both a criminal and a civil suit against the defendants so far. She has been successful in winning both of these cases. The Courts of law have also ordered sufficient damages to her for compensating the loss that she has faced. 

The Abu Dhabi Court has heard the matter in detail and ordered the judgment

The woman has been duped by a fake marriage bureau that had left no stone unturned to convince the woman to marry an unknown man. The bureau had communicated that the man is distantly related to the woman and is very genuine.

Once the woman agreed to this arrangement, the bureau, run by two women, took the responsibility to make arrangements for their destination wedding in Abu Dhabi. As a part of this arrangement, the bureau owners started demanding money from the victim.

The Abu Dhabi Court has heard the matter in detail and ordered the judgment

The victim had also transferred this money to the bank account of the defendant. It was soon after that she realized that she had been conned. 

Soon after, she filed a complaint with police authorities and they started investigating the matter. The defendants were arrested and put behind the bars. The matter was finally heard by the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court.

The Court sentenced the owners of the marriage bureau to three months of imprisonment. Additionally, the Court also ordered the alleged groom to be deported to his country of origin as he was a non-resident of the UAE and had been living illegally there.

The defendants are now serving their sentence on the ground of defrauding an innocent woman. 

However, the victim has now filed a civil suit against the defendants as well. The intention behind filing a civil suit is to demand compensation from the defendants for all the monetary loss the woman has suffered so far.

In a recent interview with a media house, she expressed her grief and disgust at everything that has happened to her. She condemned the act of the defendants and accused them of playing with her emotions and feelings.

She also appealed to the Government to take an action against these illegitimate marriage bureaus which con the people by fixing their alliances with unidentified men and women. According to her, this is a sensitive matter and required immediate remedy. 

The woman has finally filed a case in the Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administration Court. The Court after hearing the matter at length had held the defendants liable and hence ordered them to pay compensation to the woman. The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil Administration Court have ordered the defendants to pay a compensation of Dh 1.4 million.

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This is the amount that the victim transferred to the bank accounts of the defendants. Apart from this amount, the Court has also ordered an additional payment of Dh 20,000 to the victim for all the mental pressure and trauma she has suffered due to the inconvenience posed by the defendants.

The defendants have been given a time of 3 months to make the requisite payments to the victim and if the defendants fail to transfer the amount, then an additional interest of 6% would be levied from the date of default. 

In addition, the Court has also ordered the defendants to pay the legal costs to the victim. This is the cost that has been undertaken by the victim to fight the case in the Court of law. The defendant has to pay all these costs within the time frame provided by the Court of law.

The judgment has basically helped many people to come ahead and lodge their cases against all the people who have defrauded them with false promises of marriage. This judgment has helped to fight this social evil and help all those people who have been affected by this. 

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