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First Man To Practice Jiu-jitsu In Space: Emirati Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi Again Crates History



First Man To Practice Jiu-jitsu In Space: Emirati Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi Again Crates History

Another addition to the UAE’s history of records. The UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi creates history by practicing jiu-jitsu in space, wearing the traditional kimono-style attire.

He has become the first person to practice jiu-jitsu in space wearing appropriate attire. Earlier he also performed a spacewalk on the International Space Station and created history being the first Arab to walk on space. 

Sultan Al Neyadi has posted a six-minute video on his social media channels, where he performs jiu-jitsu

Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi who is on an Arab space mission on the International Space Station (ISS) has been seen floating on the ISS in the video.

He wore the UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation Gi, the traditional kimono-style attire which is usually worn by sports athletes. He shared the video with a question to the viewer about what jiu-jitsu move they would like to try in space.  

Sultan Al Neyadi has posted a six-minute video on his social media channels, where he performs jiu-jitsu

He explained that jiu-jitsu has helped him to prepare for and adapt to life in microgravity during the space mission which is to last for six months.

He remembered how the jiu-jitsu training had helped to control his breathing at the time of the centrifuge exercise done to stimulate the G-forces experienced by astronauts during the time of launch and re-entry. 

Astronaut Al Neyadi remembered the pre-mission training when his experienced weight increased by two, three, or even eight.

The first sensation that he had then was a feeling of an opponent on his chest. He further added that the first technique he learned in jiu-jitsu was breathing control which he used during the time of centrifuge experience and he believes that it has helped him to succeed in that experiment. 

He also detailed how martial art has helped him to develop the skills like focus, discipline, and adaptability. These skills have also helped him to prepare for the six-months mission and to survive in microgravity among the stars.

He said that martial art is a significant element of the physical education curriculum in schools in the United Arab Emirates. 

Al Neyad reached space as part of UAE’s longest space mission in collaboration with NASA which is named Endeavour. It is six months mission and where the crew plans to conduct several experiments in space. Sultan Al Neyadi has completed two months on board at the International Space Station (ISS) creating history.

The 41-year-old astronaut will be celebrating his birthday in space on 23rd May.

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On achieving this he thought about how his love for jiu-jitsu is paying off inside the walls of the orbiting laboratory which is located at a distance of 420 kilometers above the surface of the earth. 

He explained the perks of learning jiu-jitsu as an astronaut. The first thing that amazed him on his arrival at the space was that they have to use their feet to balance their body. In jiu-jitsu one of the basics that he has learned was how to use his toes to form a foundation so that the pressure is on the ground, the connection on your toes, not on the heels.

He added that this practice helps him to be stable when he does jiu-jitsu in space with his toes placed under a handrail. 

He added that these help him to perform all kinds of stunts by moving his toes. He is able to jump from one location to another by stabilizing himself on his toes. And he was also able to practice many front and back flips.  

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