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Flydubai Plane Diverted To Land Turkey Over Security Alert



Flydubai Plane Diverted To Land Turkey Over Security Alert

A flight that was scheduled from Warsaw to Dubai was diverted to Turkey due to a security alert. Flydubai Flight FZ1830 made an emergency landing at Ankara Esenboga International Airport on Thursday, November 24  following false information provided by a local report which was published in ‘Daily Sabah’. Later it was confirmed that the information was fake. 

The flight took off from the Warsaw International Airport (WAW) to Dubai International (DXB) as scheduled. Unfortunately, the flight made an emergency landing at 3:17 am local time following the local report.

Safely Landed In Turkey

Turkey’s state-run Andolou news agency reported that the information was a hoax bomb threat and there were no further details regarding it. The highly trained crew of Flydubai followed the standard operating procedures and the flight was ready to fly at 6:47 local time after clearing the aircraft for departure. 

Safely Landed In Turkey


A flydubai spokesperson said that they apologize for the inconvenience that occurred to the passengers and he stressed that they took the action considering the safety and security of the passengers. The authority ensured that the first priority would be given to the security of flydubai’s passengers and crew members. The authority does not want to take risks at any cost which puts the passengers in trouble.

Following the security checks requested by the authorities, 161 passengers disembarked when the flight landed at the turkey airport during the search and before allowing back to board, the agency said. A careful search was carried out by the crew members and the authorities by removing the passengers and their bags from the flight but nothing of a suspicious nature was found.  The Flydubai airline marked their apology to the passengers for the inconveniences caused to their travel plan. The expert team worked to sort out the situation without compromising the time of the passengers. The authority was forced to take precautionary measures considering the claims of security threats.  

The airline has carried out precautionary measures to avoid any kind of incidents that harm the customers and their safety. After the tragedy of the flydubai airlines which took the lives of 62 people, the authority was keen on ensuring the security measures which allow the passengers to travel in a safe environment.

It is an unavoidable factor that if the authority does not take adequate security measures a small incident can make a financial impact, as well as everyone, may face an uninvited tragedy. For now, the passengers’ awareness and appreciation of the improved safety decreased their fear. And while it is important to recognize the flight FZ981 tragedy, it is also necessary to remember that the authority is working on the measures that the industry has to make such cases extremely rare. 

The incidents that take place in an atmosphere perceive mass anxiety over the safety and security of air travel. Incidents today are more visible. information, images, and visuals from the scenes can be transmitted very easily with the help of social networks and can reach around the world which can make people more anxious and generate fear in them.  But despite the headlines, fake news, dramatic information, and rumors by social media and by local news reports. 

There is one fact, considering the affordability and conveniences, the airlines are safer and more acceptable than it has ever been before. Using advanced technology, combined with lessons learned from previous clashes the air manufacturers made an improved development to provide a better and safe traveling experience to the passengers. Of course, there are still some ways to go regarding air safety, crashes and tragedies are unavoidable but the authorities can make certain improvements to avoid such kinds of incidents that harm people. 

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