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Gitex Global 2022: Dubai Tech Show Kicks Out Robots And Automobiles Captivate Attendees



Gitex Global 2022 As The Dubai Tech Show Kicks Out Robots And Automobiles Captivate Attendees

Dubai has been home to many tech events and with that, it is going to have another one named the Gitex Global which is currently going on in Dubai and is seeing a large number of people daily who are coming here to witness the best things available in tech at the moment.

Furthermore, the event happening at the Dubai World Trade Centre is currently filled up with more than 5,000 companies who have been presenting their ideas in front of the public coming into the 20-plus halls of the building. 

One of the most influential personalities of Dubai and the Prime Minister and the Current Ruler of Dubai has stated in his Twitter post about the event.

In his post, he mentioned the companies and welcomed the citizens to be a part of the mega event to see how things have been going on in tech and how these companies will be changing the future of the nation. 

Event Details

The Gitex Global event was inaugurated by the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Gitex Global 2022: As The Dubai Tech Show Kicks Out Robots And Automobiles Captivate Attendees

During the event, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance stated that because of the Gitex Global Event, Dubai has come out nicely on the map of the world and hence has been doing great because of the technologies that they have created over the years.

He further stated that the event has got Dubai in a position where they are getting tech projects regularly and hence the nation has been handling them as their topmost priority. 

With the advancement in technology, Dubai has been working towards AI, Machine Learning, and other domains to offer their citizens the services that they have always wanted.

However, further advancement in these technologies will take some more time but currently, Dubai is hopeful of providing the services as soon as possible.

In Gitex Global, different types of Robots have been present and available for citizens who are looking to explore something new. 

Apart from it, the Chief Operating Officer of Jacky’s Electronics has stated that the main aim of Gitex Global is to gain the audience’s focus toward the increasing use of Robots and other AI models.

With the help of this mega event, the company will get a chance to draw the attention of people towards the changing technologies that will be useful in the future.

Furthermore, the officials of the company said that they are looking for developers and creators to work with them so that they can build something new for the citizens of Dubai. 

Besides Robots, Gitex Global is even having a wide range of Cars and deep analysis of Metaverse which can act as a game changer in the future.

The cars present at the event have been designed well and hence are operating on the mechanism of Artificial Intelligence which makes them different from the other cars.

Even regarding the Metaverse, the citizens of Dubai were excited to see how this domain will be changing their life in the future. Digital Avatars along with other services will soon become a normal part of human life. 

The main motive of this Global event is to give the citizens an idea about the things that are going to come in the future.

Furthermore, the event happening in Dubai has been beneficial for the nation as it gives a chance to the young minds of the country to come and explore the things that will be vital for them in the coming time. 

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