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Gitex Global: Automation Anywhere Presents The Future Of Work



Gitex Automation Anywhere Presents The Future Of Work

Gitex opened its doors for business in 2002 and has grown to become one of the most significant technology events in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Automation Anywhere is a comprehensive set of solutions for an industry-leading automation platform, the Automation Success Platform, which enables enterprises to address their unique automation needs.

These solutions work together to provide a comprehensive set of solutions that are both easy to use and deploy and are seamlessly integrated into an end-to-end platform. By 2030, Automation is expected to produce $15 trillion in benefits. It will also create 7.2 million new jobs and reduce the unemployment rate to 2.3%.

Increase In Businesses Due To Automation:

The move of businesses to adopt Intelligent Automation is fueled by several factors, including the need to become more competitive, keep up with a changing business landscape, and adjust to new regulations and compliance requirements.

Gitex: Automation Anywhere Presents The Future Of Work

It’s a way to increase productivity, reliability, availability, and performance. It also reduces operating costs. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait will account for 686,000 UHNWIs by 2030, compared to the estimated global average.

Change In Workforce:

Many organizations have been forced to adopt a digital-first approach to conducting business to keep up with the rapid changes in customer demand, creating new challenges for IT teams as they accelerate digital transformation.

Ninety-four percent of firms are investing in cloud-native Automation to power workforce transformation. The average ROI of automation systems increased more than twofold to 6.3x over the preceding period.

Automation Success Platform allows users to automate manual processes, streamline operations, and enhance customer experience, all while delivering on the objectives of digital transformation.

Application-Based Services: 

While this has been beneficial in terms of productivity, the move has also resulted in many organizations struggling to provide employees with a seamless and efficient experience across apps and devices.

Blue Prism, the world’s leading Digital Workforce company, announced new solutions, including Document Automation and AARI for Every App.

These solutions address the specific needs of Blue Prism’s industries, including Finance, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and Technology. 

It’s no longer enough for employees to rely on one-on-one communication. But collaboration is often hindered by the inability to communicate quickly and efficiently. That’s why the new app is changing the way we work.

Also, You can save a lot of time and money by automating the data-extraction process. Document automation is a set of tools to extract data from documents, including images, PDFs, and Word files. 

Other Benefits Of Automation:

Automation Anywhere, a company that offers a broad portfolio of intelligent automation capabilities announced a powerful new component to the Automation Anywhere platform. Of FortressIQ, a leader in process discovery. 

The new CoE Manager, a single command hub that enables IT departments to manage their Automation CoEs, has been released by Automation Anywhere. CoE Manager gives IT leaders the ability to scale and oversee CoE operations. It enables user-based access control, real-time monitoring capabilities, and centralization of all CoE activities.

Citizen developers are people who would otherwise not be able to create their applications but are empowered to do so through Low-Code Application Development. 

The automation pathfinder program has just been announced by Automation Anywhere, and it is designed to support enterprises looking to scale their automation journey.


In a world where Automation is key to business growth, To help businesses achieve superior experiences, a complete automation success framework has been developed.

The Middle East has always been a region that embraces Automation.

The platform accelerates digital transformation by providing faster time to value for every business function, from HR to finance, marketing to IT.

Automation co-pilot is a virtual assistant that helps your employees collaborate with bots while working on their favorite apps, so they can get work done more efficiently and faster.

Document Automation is a critical component of any digital transformation.

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