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Global Black Impact Summit Held On December 8 In Dubai



Global Black Impact Summit Held On December 8 In Dubai

As part of expanding the socio-economic opportunities of the Black community, the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) would be held on December 8 in Dubai. The summit would be attended by prominent figures like the Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, and Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Former footballer Clarence Seedorf and another eminent panel of speakers will also be taking part in the summit which will be discussing the future opportunities for the Black community around the world. The summit is conducted at the Almas Conference Center, in Dubai.  

Theme Of Global Black Impact Summit

The 2022 Global Black Impact Summit carries the theme, “ The Power of Black Women: To Unite and Build our Global Community”. The theme would pay tribute to the immense courage and resilience shown by the women of the Black community. Their contribution to multiple professions that of social work, the creative industry, the medical sector, etc.

Theme Of Global Black Impact Summit

have been of great importance as these women laid the path for future generations of the black community. Their lives were a source of encouragement and inspiration that helped the black women of today to wholeheartedly embrace their dreams and follow them without fear. The summit is a celebration of all the Black women of the world who are a symbol of strength that made the community stand on a strong foundation of self-belief and mutual trust.  

This year’s GBIS will have discussions on various topics related to finance, education, employment, leadership, health, entrepreneurship, and investments. The core mission of the summit is to create a spirited black community by introducing them to the members who have strived hard and made a difference, who have faced problems headstrong and came out victorious, and who didn’t allow the world to stomp them down. 

The experiences and innovations of these personalities have enabled the whole community to move ahead in the global scenario where diligence and competence matter the most. The summit is hosted by the Black Impact Foundation and one of the major sponsors of this year is Energy, Capital & Power (ECP), a global African-focused energy investment platform.

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Clarence Seedorf, who is the chairman of the Black summit said that the foundation belongs to the people of the world and this year’s theme focusing on Black women is of utmost relevance as they haven’t got proper representation till now. So now it is high time to empower them to make an impact in the community and in the world. Seedorf is one of the six persons in the world chosen by Nelson Mandela as a Legacy Champion.

He is also the founder of the Black Impact Foundation and currently residing in Dubai working towards the empowerment of the Black community through various opportunities for social and economic well-being. Patrice Evra, a former professional footballer, and motivational speaker will also be one of the speakers at the event.

The GBIS will be handling different topics but will be focusing particularly on educating fellow beings. These would include topics like being aware of our own power, the impact of sports and physical activity, creative endeavors that can unite people, and also Black entrepreneurship.

The struggles faced by the Black community across the world have laid the foundation for an initiative like this. The history of those struggles had lasted for centuries and even today, the echoes reverberate through generations of the community.

The Black leaders who made an impact in society have pushed through the bias of society and made it to the zenith of power and influence. These personalities would be the role models of a future generation who desires to climb the ladder of social recognition and economic security. The Global Black Impact Summit would be held on the virtual platform and for further details visit their official website     

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