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UAE: Imprisonment Order Issued Against Company Director Who Faked Employment Over 40 Emiratis 



UAE Imprisonment Order Issued Against Company Director Who Faked Employment Over 40 Emiratis 

As part of the efforts to curb the exploitation of the Nafis scheme, the UAE’s public prosecution has demanded an imprisonment order against the director of a private firm who faked the employment of almost forty Emirati employees. The accused has been charged with multiple accounts of forging online documents and giving phony employment contracts that “prove” that he had hired Emiratis in accordance with the Nafis scheme rules and regulations. 

The director had hired more than 40 Emiratis “in a fictional way”

The individual also tried to embezzle benefits and financial assistance that are given through different programs meant for Emiratis who are employed in the private sector. This way they could take the maximum benefits of the Nafis Emiratisation program.

Faked Employment Over 40 Emiratis 

According to the rules of the Nafis program, any companies that are set up in the UAE with an employee strength of above fifty employees should make sure that at least two percent of their workforce are Emiratis.

If this rule is not carried out, then the company would be slapped with a fine of Dh72,000 per year for every Emirati not hired. 

The attorney general issued a warning to the officials in the private sector that they should ensure that the companies follow the Emiratisation policies properly.

The UAE government has been introducing a series of policies related to the development of Emiratis and their workplace improvements. The Nafis program aims to create around 75,000 jobs by 2025.

The program also aims to improve and expand on the different employment options that can help develop the career of Emiratis. The scheme has been initiated in both the public and private sectors with the private sector asked to comply with the scheme by creating proper rules and regulations.

If these are not followed by the private firms, then legal actions like fines are imposed on them. The fines and penalties imposed on the companies with regard to the exploitation of the Nafis scheme can range up to Dh100,000 for a single citizen.  

Nafis Scheme

Currently, the Nafis scheme has different categories under its belt. These are: 

1. Career Assistance

Career advise and counseling will be provided to Emiratis to steer their career growth in the correct path. Apprentice programs are also initiated which consist of a twelve-month vocational training in a private company and a training allowance will also be provided to the individual.

In the healthcare sector, the Nafis program aims to hire 100,000 Emirati healthcare workers in the next five years. The scheme would also consist of a unified job portal where Emiratis can get in touch with the private firms who have signed the Nafis scheme. 

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2. Salary Subsidies

An Emirati salary support scheme has been initiated under the Nafis scheme and it has been divided into two main categories.

A top-up payment of AED 5000 has been given to people who are already on the job and it is payable for a total of five years.

The second category is a payment of AED 8,000 given to newly recruited individuals who are in a training program during the first year of employment. A Merit program has also been started under which specific professions like nursing, financial auditors, lawyers, accounting, analysts, and coders.

The plan is available with a monthly top-up payment depending on the income of the individual. 

3. Pension subsidy

This is meant for Emiratis who earn a salary of less than AED 20,000 per month. The UAE government shall be paying toward the state pension contributions for newly appointed Emiratis for the initial five years of employment. 

4. Support measures

A children’s allowance has been provided to the kids of Emirati nationals until the age of 21. These allowances can range from AED 800 to AED 3,200 according to the income of the Emirati’s salary.

An unemployment benefits claim of up to six months shall be given to an Emirati if they lose their job beyond their control.             

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