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Indian Driver In UAE Wins Dh15 Million Jackpot In Emirates Draw



Indian Driver In UAE Wins Dh15 Million Jackpot In Emirates Draw

Luck has shined upon a South Indian driver in Dubai as he has won a Dh15 million grand prize as part of the EASY6 Emirates Draw. Ajay Ogula, who hails from a village in South India had come to UAE around four years back. He is currently working as a driver in a UAE jewelry firm and earns around Dh3,200 every month.

Ogula said that his family back in India didn’t believe him when he shared the news of his winning the lottery.

he thought it was Dh15,000, then he ‘couldn’t count the number of zeroes’

He is hoping to build a charitable trust with the lottery amount which would provide benefit to the many underprivileged people back in his hometown and neighboring villages.

The thirty-one-year-old Indian also plans to start a construction firm and a new home for his family with the remaining amount. 

Ogule said that he had previously known about the EASY6 lucky draw and when one of his friends had won Dh7,777, he knew that the lottery draw was authentic as the money had been credited into the friend’s account.

. Ajay Ogula

This way Ogule’s bosses also had encouraged him to try his luck with the lucky draw and they also explained the process for enrolling in the lucky draw. 

The Emirates draw EASY6 registered its first grand prize winner of Dh15 million after fifteen weeks after its inception. The first episode of the EASY6 lucky draw was aired live on September 30. The MEGA7 lucky draw is another lucky draw scheme started by the Emirates Draw and the winning amount has been raised from Dh140 million to Dh160 million as part of the Christmas week special lucky draw.

Those who match all the seven digits from right to left in the lucky draw will be walking away with a whopping Dh160 million.   The Emirates Draw company believes in contributing back to the community and individuals by organizing these lucky draws that are open to all individuals and which could change their future for a better tomorrow.

The EASY6 lucky draw has currently uplifted the lives of around 3,571 winners with total prize money of Dh15,271,419 as of last week. The 64th MEGA7 lottery draw had managed to create 576 winners winning a total cash prize of Dh380,519. The next MEGA7 draw is scheduled to be broadcasted this Sunday.

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The EASY6 lucky draw happens every Friday and this week’s winner turned out to be Ogule who managed to hit the jackpot amount matching the six numbers. Ogule had purchased two tickets for the EASY6 draw and when he got the congratulatory mail from the Emirates Draw company, Ogule thought it would have been for some small amount. He was shocked to see how the number of zeroes kept increasing when he finally realized it was the jackpot amount.

Ogule was stunned to know that the cash prize would be around thirty-three crores when converted to Indian currency. This was a huge amount for a person like him who comes from a humble Telangana village in South India.

The different lucky draw games organized by Emirates Draw are part of their Social responsibility program. Interested individuals who wish to be part of the lucky draw have to select six numbers out of a pool of thirty-nine, which is supposed to be the lowest pool worldwide.

The Lucky draw will be aired on different digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and their official website. Anyone from the UAE can participate in the Emirates draw by booking their numbers before every draw. You can visit their website or call the toll-free number 800-77-777-777 for more information and details.           

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