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JA Hatta Fort Hotel Introduces Dog-Friendly Cabins In March



JA Hatta Fort Hotel Introduces Dog-Friendly Cabins In March

The stunning Terra Cabins, located among the Hajar Mountains, is the newest overnight option offered by the JA Hatta Fort Hotel. On March 1st, the cottages will make their premiere.

Their exteriors are made of natural pinewood mixed with the beautiful landscape. A minibar, wardrobe, on-demand multimedia projector, walk-in rain shower, and an alcove lounging area are among the many contemporary amenities available to visitors.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations in the Heart of the Hajar Mountains

These alternative lodging options place a high priority on sustainability, which is noticeable from their architectural features, such as sloping roofs made for solar panel installation in the future.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations in the Heart of the Hajar Mountains

The infrastructure of the cabins also includes a layer of insulation under the roof to help maintain a comfortable interior temperature, including air conditioning and temperature regulation.

The eco-friendly Terra Cabins have been expertly built, with visually stunning exteriors and pleasant interiors, to deliver a hotel-like experience. Natural pine wood that had been skillfully constructed to perfectly fit with the stunning Al Hajar mountainscape and finished with a dusk-grey wash was used to construct the cottages’ façades.

Terra Cabins come in two different varieties: Standard Terra Cabins and Deluxe Terra Cabins, with capacities of four and six guests, respectively

The wide Deluxe Terra Cabins, which can house up to six people and offer two bunk beds, a double pull-out bed, and a designated patio area, are available to guests in addition to the standard Terra Cabins, which can house up to four people and contain a bunk bed and a double bed.

Although the Terra Cabins offer peace and tranquility, visitors still have access to all the amenities at the JA Hatta Fort Hotel, including the specialty restaurants, 24-hour in-room dining, and all the leisure and recreational activities available at the resort.

The Terra Cabins not only meet environmental standards, but they also offer outstanding comfort and enjoyment to visitors. The cabins feature windows that would provide beautiful views of the mountains and have light, airy interiors that embrace natural light. 

The cabin’s peaceful surroundings are enhanced by modern conveniences including a mini-bar, walk-in rain shower, on-demand movie projector, wardrobe, and alcove seating area, which may be used by couples, families, and large groups of friends.

 Pet-friendly accommodations that are safe and wide for walks and fetch games are available at the resort, so visitors can bring their four-legged companions along and fully appreciate Hatta’s scenic views and activity options.

The JA Hatta Fort Hotel’s general manager, Deborah Thomson, states that the Terra Cabins were created with a focus on sustainability, with a reduced carbon impact and a sustainable future in mind.

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In line with the UAE’s strategy for 2023, called “The Year of Sustainability,” as announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, the resort’s development will help the country achieve its sustainability goals. 

Furthermore, the growth and development of the Hatta region align with His Highness’s belief and support of its continued progress.

Guests visiting the resort can engage in a variety of outdoor adventures, including jogging, biking, and hiking in the mountains that surround the Terra Cabins.

The Hatta area, now known as the Highlands of Dubai, originally created to provide unique and thrilling experiences, such as kayaking across the Hatta Dam and participating in sports like archery and air rifle shooting. A visit to Terra Cabins is guaranteed to be a special one.

Hotel JA Hatta Fort

The JA Hatta Fort Hotel was established in 1981. It was initially constructed as a private mountain hideaway for the Dubai ruling family and opened to the public as a hotel in 2008 after undergoing a significant makeover. Since then, the hotel has grown to be a well-liked choice for tourists looking for a quiet vacation in the mountains with easy access to contemporary amenities and leisure time.

The JA Hatta Fort Hotel is a luxurious mountain retreat situated in the Hajar Mountains in the eastern United Arab EmiratesThe hotel provides a tranquil break from the metropolis. It is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes.

 The resort has established a number of environmental initiatives, such as recycling, using renewable energy sources, and conserving water.

JA Hatta Fort Hotel is considered a mid-range to luxury hotel

The cost of staying at the JA Hatta Fort Hotel is generally greater than that of a cheap hotel. It is regarded as a mid-range to a luxury hotel. But, throughout the year, the hotel does run a number of specials and packages that provide customers access to more reasonably priced options.

AED 750 per night, which is regarded as a mid-range price point for accommodation in the Hatta region, is the recently inaugurated Terra Cabins’ starting price range.

All things considered, the JA Hatta Fort Hotel is renowned for offering top-notch services and amenities, and its cost reflects that.

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