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King Of Bahrain Receives UAE President At His Residence In Abu Dhabi



King Of Bahrain Receives UAE President At His Residence In Abu Dhabi

The King of Bahrain, King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa received His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE at his residence in Abu Dhabi. The meeting had been organized to discuss the bilateral relationship between both countries and also to strengthen the existing bond.

The two leaders were hopeful that this would lead to the progress and prosperity of the people of both nations. The leader of Bahrain also conveyed his appreciation to President Sheikh Mohammed for holding a high-level meeting with other leaders to discuss the matters of regional development among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. 

The GCC leaders attended the fraternal consultative meeting hosted by the UAE President on Wednesday

The fraternal consultative meeting was held under the leadership of the UAE President and it included leaders like King Hamad Bin Isa, King of Bahrain; King Abdullah II, of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; Oman’s Sultan Haitham; Sheikh Tamim, the Emir of Qatar; and Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt. All of them were of high praise for the developmental activities taken up by the UAE across the regional and international areas for the economic growth of both the UAE and the Arab World in general. 


The Arab leaders met at the St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort in Abu Dhabi and they also discussed the various aspects of cooperation that can further increase the unity and progress among the Arab nations.

As the Arab nations are making an upward growth towards the goal of creating a global community, the leaders shared their concerns and challenges that have to be faced politically, economically and also in matters of regional security.

The leaders discussed the importance of strengthening their mutual ties and creating a fortified joint Arab action to be able to deal with the existing and future issues. They also agreed on the need of aligning their mutual interests in stabilizing the future of the GCC regions.                    

Another important topic that came up during the meeting was the historical relationship that the nations’ shared and how this could be turned into a beneficial roadmap for developing better communication, consultation and unbridled cooperation throughout the Arab network.

This would lead to a major reimagination of the economic and infrastructural developments that could be done with other Arab nations from outside the GCC consortium thus creating a more singular ambition for the whole Arab world. 

Dr Anwar Gargash, diplomatic adviser to the President of the UAE was hopeful that the meeting of the Arab leaders would enable the whole region to be prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead and also to build better cooperation for development and growth.

He said that these meetings hosted by the UAE are a continuation of the long-standing efforts made by the Gulf nations to establish better inter-Arab relationships that are also the product of a shared common history. The leaders of the Arab world often hold such meetings to discuss the latest developments in the regional and international scenario. 

Last August, another meeting was held in Egypt by El Sisi which was attended by the UAE President Sheikh Mohamed Al Nahyan ,King Hamad, King Abdullah and Mustafa Al Kadhimi, former Prime Minister of Iraq. After the meeting, El Sisi hosted a grand banquet to honour the Arab leaders.

The leaders were received at the El Alamein International Airport by Sheikh Mohamed and Mr.El Sisi. The five countries that are part of the Arab world are connected by a common thread of compassion, mutual respect, common interests and brotherhood.   

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At the latest meeting of the King of Bahrain and the President of the UAE, King Hamad complimented the leadership efforts of President Mohamed in taking the UAE to higher levels of economic growth and its prominence in the global community as a nation striving for excellence of the whole Arab world.

Other than the two leaders, the meeting was also attended by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayad Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafra Region; Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; and Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Tahnoun Al Nahyan, Advisor for Special Affairs at the Ministry of Presidential Court. From the side of Bahrain, Major General Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, National Security Advisor, and Royal Guard Commander of Bahrain also was part of the meeting.

The UAE has been continuously holding high-level meetings with different countries at a regional and international level to discuss future bilateral cooperations and the integration of resources through trade and investments. This is part of a cooperative strategy of the nation to promote itself as a common thread that binds the Arab nations among themselves and to the rest of the world. 

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