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Dubai: La Mer Demolished! Will be Renamed To J1 Beach



Dubai La Mer Demolished! Will be Renamed To J1 Beach

Dubai’s famous beachside destination La Mer is being demolished and redeveloped to create a J1 beach. The southern part of La Mer has already been knocked down and soon the entire strip will be demolished. The northern part of La Mer with venues like Filli, Al Shorea, and Starbucks is still open.

La Mer Central is also open with all the retail and dining facilities. The J1 beach will be a more ambitious project that will include multiple restaurants and other quality-of-life services like sea views, golf cart shuttles, etc.

La Mer Closed For Development

The famous luxury restaurant from Paris society Gigi Rigoletto is also opening its branch at J1 and a Japanese restaurant Baoli will also have its branch at the location. A greek-Mediterranean beach club will also be opened at J1 by the name Seren Beach by Gaia. 

La Mer opened in 2018 as a mega beachside destination with 130 restaurants, a cinema theater, and a waterpark called Laguna. In these four years, restaurants have closed down because of a lack of demand and the covid phase also hit the place hard.

The latest to close was Time Out Dubai which stopped its operations at La Mer in September this year. The new construction will completely redesign the entire area offering waterfront entry and new and improved valet parking spaces. Shahram Shamsaee, CEO of Merex Investment said that the new J1 beach destination will offer a completely new experience for visitors.

It will be a complete day-to-night seaside experience that people can visit and enjoy with new interactive and enhanced choices. He also said that the location needs to be improved to make use of its complete business potential and Merex is looking to do that.

The J1 beach will hold an exciting investment opportunity for local and international players by being the center point of different lifestyle assets delivered with care and convenience. Merex is a joint business venture between Brookfield Asset and Dubai Holding that owns and operates big retail chains like City Walk, Le Mar, and The Beach.

The renovation and redevelopment are happening at a moment when the UAE and Dubai are zooming ahead in terms of economic diversification. 

The tourism sector, which is one of the core strengths of Dubai, has been facing a heavy tide of positive business throughout 2022. International tourists are preferring the Emirates as a must-visit destination and as part of the FIFA world cup, more visitors are yearning to spend time in Dubai.

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Christmas and New year plans are also being made with Dubai in mind and this trend will be continuing through 2023 as Dubai focuses on non-oil economic expansion. Infrastructural renovations in different parts of Dubai are also expected to catch onto this trend of increased tourist activity. A lot of people from around the world are coming to Dubai for work, business, investment, and leisure.

Keeping this in mind, the Dubai administration has created multiple channels of social and cultural hubs that will assist the people in having a wonderful time in the Emirates. The upscaling of J1 beach to a completely rich experience is aimed at enhancing the existing business potential of the area as they will have green pathways which will be an aesthetic sight during daytime and will be illuminated with lights during nighttime.

The prime location of the Jumeirah 1 region will be transformed into a more vibrant space with excellent beachside views and F&B services offered by some of the world-class restaurant chains. La Mer used to provide various recreational activities like water sports, sliders, etc. The new J1 beach will expand on these ideas and provide a holistic beachside experience to its visitors.              

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