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Licensing Agency Of Dubai RTA Conducts Campaigns On Delivery Service Providers 



Licensing Agency Of Dubai RTA Conducts Campaigns On Delivery Service Providers 

The Licencing Agency of the Dubai government’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) along with other related government agencies has conducted some awareness and inspection campaigns among the delivery service providers in Dubai.

This series of campaigns was part of an initiative taken towards the latter months of 2022. The campaign will continue to operate till the end of this year with an aim to detect violations and ensure compliance.

The inspection campaign has covered nine districts of the UAE, mainly along Zabeel, Jumeirah, and Hessa Street. 

The campaigns have inspected more than 7,000 delivery bikes till now 

The awareness and inspection campaigns carried out so far have inspected thousands of delivery bikes and has been found that many of them were not even having valid licenses or protective gear. The Director of Licencing Activities Monitoring, Licensing Agency, RTA Muhannad Al Mheiri said that these inspection and awareness campaigns were organized focusing on the delivery service providers in the city. 

It has been found that the campaigns have helped to detect violations and to ensure compliance with the rules of the nation.

The campaigns have inspected more than 7,000 delivery bikes till now 

Moreover, it has ensured adherence to delivery activity-related laws and has served as a medium to provide knowledge about the violations reported so far. 

He said that the inspection has helped to identify various violations happening repeatedly. It was found that the delivery service bike riders have been riding bikes without obeying the safety regulations.

Many were found without wearing protective equipment and reflective vests, some were riding bikes without having a proper valid license and some others have pasted advertisement materials on their vehicles.

According to the RTA rule, one should get permission from the RTA to affix advertisements on vehicles, but most of the vehicles were not having such permission.

As the world is getting digitalized every day, the use of online services has also increased to such an extent that people are depending the online services for everything.

Online services have become a major economic activity in Dubai, as a protective measure to ensure the safety of bike riders and other common road users, the RTA of Dubai has decided to monitor the sector frequently.

This will also help to ensure the proper functioning of the online delivery system by ensuring that the employees are providing standard service to the people of the nation. 

Administrative Resolution No.9 of the year 2021 provides details about the offenses that come under the section which deals with the quality violations of the delivery service providers. It underlines the basic requirements for a delivery service provider.

He or she must possess an approved card to operate a delivery service business, have all the technical specifications for delivery bike riders, should wear uniforms and protective gear while riding bikes, and should have completed professional training for delivery drivers. 

Besides all other necessities, they should strictly adhere to the motorcycle speed limit of 100 km per hour and must use the RTA-approved boxes for delivery.

The Licencing Agency of RTA has issued instruction circulars for the delivery service providers, employees are advised to follow the instructions to ensure the safety of as well as the safety of the other road users. 

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai was established in the year 2005 under decree number 17 of the Dubai government.

This initiative was taken as a means to improve the roads to make the public transport facilities safer and smoother to travel which underlines the goal of providing an advanced transport network to the people of Dubai. 

RTA is the sole authority that is responsible for supplying the road, traffic, and transport needs of Dubai. It has the right to plan and organize the transportation needs of Dubai, neighboring countries, and between Dubai and other emirates of the UAE. It functions to provide an effective transport system thereby helping Dubai in achieving its vision.

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The various responsibilities of the RTA include Traffic Safety, which intends to ensure the safety of road users by ensuring a steady traffic flow; Registration and Licensing, which runs the registration and licensing of all the vehicles and drivers; Dubai Metro and Tram, providing a fully automated rail system; Public Buses, that provides public bus service across the emirate; Taxis, offering taxi service to the public seven days a week be it a public or a religious holiday.

Apart from the responsibilities mentioned, the RTA also accounts for the functioning of Roads Engineering, Marine Transport, Commercial Ads on the Right of Way, Roads Beautification, Inter-city Transport, and Roads and Parking. It operates on a mission to provide seamless and safe travel services thereby making every journey in Dubai a world-class experience. 

In the year 2023, the RTA of Dubai has bagged several awards including the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Green Building Award, ICXA’s Best Digital Transformation Award, Mega Projects Award from the American Project Management Institute in January, four global sustainability and leadership awards and Transport Project of the Year2022 at the MEED Projects Awards 2022.

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