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Maktoum Bin Mohammed Approves Formation Of Board Of Commissioners For Dubai’s Court Of Cassation



Maktoum Bin Mohammed Approves Formation Of Board Of Commissioners For Dubai’s Court Of Cassation

His Highness H.H. Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai has approved the formation of the Board of Commissioners. This Board would be operative at the Dubai Court of Cassation. This Board of Commissioners will handle a very important portfolio at the Dubai Court.

The Board will ensure that the rights of all the litigants are protected at every cost in every proceeding. The recent appointment of these Commissioners is in line with the objective of the Government of Dubai to enhance the judicial system in the country and make justice accessible to the world at large.

The Board of Commissioners will share key responsibilities for the welfare of the litigating parties

The Rulers and Deputy Rulers of Dubai have themselves acknowledged the role of an independent judiciary in ensuring the stability and prosperity of the nation. 

The Dubai Government wants to elevate its governance to par with International Standards. It is striving towards improving the efficiency of government services.

The Board of Commissioners will share key responsibilities for the welfare of the litigating parties

One of the most important ways according to the Deputy Ruler of Dubai, to improve the lives of the citizens is to uphold their rights fairly and impartially.

This move to appoint the Board of Commissioners at the Dubai Court will help to shape a bright future for the nation as a whole. The President of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum envisions to bestow on every resident of Dubai, equal rights without any exceptions.

The Board of Commissioners has been appointed to protect the rights of the litigating parties. The Government needs to ensure that justice is delivered according to the due process of law.

All of these Board members are sufficiently qualified to understand the facts of every case and hence apply the corresponding law. The Board will be acting as an independent juror to provide justified and informed opinions to the judges of the Court.

The Board of Commissioners has been currently entrusted with the responsibility to hear the appeals filed with the Chamber of Cassation. It will help the judges to dictate an informed judgment by quoting the most relevant aspects of the case and drawing the attention of the jury towards it. 

The Board has also been given the duty to train the judges so that they can be appointed as one in the Court of Cassation. They will help to expedite the hearing of the cases so that justice is delivered without any delay.

The Board will play a strategic role to review the cases brought before the Court of Cassation. The Board will also strive to offer reconciliation to the parties. The Commissioners have been given the power to take up abandoned cases and urge the judges to render a judgment upon them.

The Board of Commissioners will not be accountable to any authority except the President of the UAE. This clearly signifies their importance in imparting unbiased and free justice within the country.

According to Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, who is the Director-General of the Dubai Courts, this formation of the Board at the Dubai Court of Cassation reinstates the principles of justice, equality, and rule of law. The Government of Dubai aims to uphold these principles in order to ensure sustainable standards of growth and development in the country. The Board is a perfect addition to the judicial structure in Dubai.

The constitution of the Board is actually very strategic because it will ultimately lead toward the fulfillment of the Emiratisation plans. The Emirates envisions being ruled by an independent and qualified judiciary.  The Government wants to ensure a speedy and fair trial for all the litigants.

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Through this Board of Commissioners, it would be feasible to review the appeals thoroughly and deliver accurate judgment to the litigants. This addition of the Board will lower the burden on the judiciary and will help them to decide the cases with ease. 

The Board would be undertaking a special judicial inspection process. The constitution of this Board is one of the policy measures which has been undertaken by the President of Dubai to revamp the judicial mechanism in the country. The Board will ensure the thoroughness of the judgment which will promote the development of precedents.

The reason why this Board of Commissioners has been constituted at the Court of Cassation is very self-explanatory. The Dubai Court of Cassation plays an important role to unify the application of the law across the Dubai Courts. It monitors the judgments and ensures that they abide by the law. Therefore,  the Board of Commissioners will play an important role to handle civil, criminal, family, and real-estate cases and will ensure its speedy disposal at all times. 

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