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Asian Man Rescued From Kidnappers In Dubai Thanks To Whatsapp



Asian Man Rescued From Kidnappers In Dubai Thanks To Whatsapp

Whatsapp came to the rescue of a man in Dubai after assailants tried to kidnap him. The incident, which took place in July this year, involved three kidnappers and the victim who is a migrant worker.

The victim, whose identity has not been revealed for the sake of privacy, had invited one of his friends to a restaurant for dinner. The victim owed Dh10,000 to his friend and he came to the restaurant with two other men and started threatening the victim to return the money.

The main accused then called up the family of the victim in his home country and asked for money from the victim’s father. When the father disagreed, the accused with the help of the other two kidnapped the victim and took him to the apartment of the accused.

How Did He Get Help Through WhatsApp? 

He was detained there at the apartment and the kidnapper threatened him to call some of his friends and get the money. The victim made a call to one of his friends and asked for Dh5000. Quickly after the call, he sent his live location and a distress message to the friend.

Asian Man Rescued From Kidnappers In Dubai Thanks To Whatsapp

Upon receiving this message, the friend of the victim went directly to the police and reported the case. The police were able to trace the location swiftly and arrest the kidnappers.

The Dubai criminal court had convicted the three of them for kidnapping and assaulting a person. They have been sentenced to six months in prison and will be deported from Dubai after they complete their prison sentence. 

Apart from these exceptions, Dubai and UAE are generally considered to be one of the safest places in the world to live and work. According to the 2020 report of Numbeo, the world’s largest internet base, UAE has become the world’s third safest country.

The Emirate nation had achieved 84.55 points in the safety index score and a crime index score of 15.45. Numbeo pointed out that the crime index score is an estimate of the overall crime in a city or country.

Any crime index score below twenty is considered to be a good score that signifies that the place is generally safe when it comes to law and order issues. On the other hand, the safety index is the opposite of the crime index as the higher value represents safer circumstances.

The mid-year report was compiled with a total of 133 nations and Qatar was in the top position followed by Taiwan and UAE. The countries in the last positions were Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Afghanistan, and Honduras respectively. 

In order to maintain peace and progress in a nation, the police force of the nation has to be efficient and bold. The Dubai Police is a force known for their commitment and dedication to maintaining law and order in the Emirate city.

They are seen as one of the most progressive forces in the Arab world with their advanced technologies and law & order management. In order to make a qualitative shift in the working criteria and organizational structure, Dubai police have always kept themselves updated to meet the needs of the future.

Advance crime control measures, offering security for Dubai residents, handling emergency crisis situations, etc. are some of the major objectives of the force and they continuously strive to improve in these areas. 

The technological prowess of the Dubai police force has always been applauded and they are one of the pioneers in introducing high-end tech in the areas of surveillance. They had introduced an advanced type of scanner that could read and detect license plates of wanted vehicles or vehicles that break traffic rules as early as 2009. This helped save valuable time for the authorities and could also create efficient, real-time responses in the field. 

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The Penal system of the UAE is also one of the swiftest and most efficient ones as they provide justice at the earliest possible. There are multiple penal codes in the UAE courts and the severity of the punishment depends upon the nature of the crime.

Because of the high number of migrants in the UAE, the law has also been designed in ways to complement the economic structure. Deportation and prison terms are the most common methods of court punishments and the duration of imprisonment will vary according to the gravity of the crime.

If the crime is of a petty nature then a short jail term and fine might be imposed on the accused. If the crime is a bit more serious, a jail term would be followed by deportation. Serious crimes like murder mostly invite life-term imprisonment and even capital punishment.

Although the capital death penalty is rare in the Emirate nation, it can only be executed following the mutually agreed decision of a panel of three judges and it has to be passed by the UAE President. Crimes like rape, pre-meditated murder, espionage, drug trafficking, etc. may carry the death penalty in the UAE.                                                          

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