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Medlab Middle East 2023 Is To Be Conducted From Next Week In Dubai



Medlab Middle East 2023 Is To Be Conducted From Next Week In Dubai

The MENA’s largest medical laboratory exhibition, Medlab is all set to return to Dubai from 6th to 9th February at the Dubai World Trade Center. ‌Medlab is expected to receive more than 20,000 visitors and 700 exhibitors from 40 different countries will be participating in the Mena’s largest laboratory exhibition. For the previous years, it successfully co-hosted with Arab Health. This year a 100% increase in exhibitors is seen. 

What to expect after attending Medlab Middle East 2023?

The Medlab Middle East congress also joins this year, aiming to provide education and solutions to advance laboratory functions. It seeks to improve laboratory functions to over 5,000 conference delegates, which also includes 13 conferences.

The exhibition will be conducted under the theme “paving the way for technological advancements and sustainability in laboratory medicine” while reminding the rate at which laboratory technologies have advanced.

What to expect after attending Medlab Middle East 2023

The Medlab Congress is the largest CME-accredited multi-track medical laboratory with more than 130 local and international speakers. The conference program includes eight core lab conferences, with four additional; addressing Point of Care Testing (POCT), Tech Advances and Clinical Impact, New trends in Laboratory Medicine, Quality Management in the Lab, and Sustainable approaches.

The Exhibition Director for Informa Markets said that the establishment has seen a rise in demand for clinical laboratory services, and equipment at a rapid rate in the last two years. The same for the demand of visitors and exhibitors for the mega event.

He continued that, one of the reasons for the significant rise in demand is Covid-19, which undoubtedly led to a focus on the laboratory market. Furthermore, new technologies and innovative methods are being adopted, which is driving automation and collaboration with laboratories.

He added that “More generally, we have seen factors such as the rising prevalence of chronic illness and the resulting need for early diagnostic contributing to the growth in the size of the lab market. The speed of technological advances in raising productivity and cost savings will also be a key factor in driving the industry’s growth”.

Visitors can expect some top-quality technologies at the exhibition, such as technologies that range from high-performing solutions and advanced technology to affordable alternatives. Medlab will feature unique technological advancements in the health industry. The exhibition will also feature the top 10 innovative technologies in the world, which are early and middle-stage startups from across the world.

The exhibitors will be able to pitch their fresh ground-breaking ideas and battle to secure the top spot in front of the esteemed panel of judges who are meant to have vast knowledge in technology as well as medicine. The panel of judges also includes investors, industry experts, and entrepreneurs. The winner of the event will be announced on the last day of the exhibition, on 9 February.

The focus on sustainability will also be a highlight of the event. The award for sustainable development will be encouraged based on the various sustainable laboratory areas and linked to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that aligns with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

A separate award will be given for achieving sustainable goals. The winner will be awarded on the last session of the “Sustainability in the lab” on February 6

Another event named the Scientific poster competition is also returning to the Mega event, which is dedicated to helping to grow the medical laboratory industry by enhancing their recognition through a platform. This means that the laboratory will gain recognition and get published with the assistance of the platform. The event also seeks a winner, and the winner will be announced during the event and will also have the opportunity to speak at Medlab Asia 2023, which takes place in Bangkok, with all the transportation and accommodation included.

Several laboratories giants and startups will be featured at the event. Labpreneur will debut in the competition, which will challenge the most exciting and promising medical start-ups from across the world.

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Co-Diagnostics, another firm that specializes in molecular diagnostics with unique methods of molecular diagnostic tests, will also feature at the upcoming Medlab.

And also Hybribio, which couldn’t appear in the Mega exhibition for the last three years due to Covid-19, will appear in the upcoming event. It seems that the brand is featuring various cutting-edge technologies, in vitro diagnostic products, and l; the latest nucleic acid molecular testing solutions, covering HPV, STD, bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, and many others. Hybribio has developed an Automatic Sample Transfer processing system for the first time. Other technologies include a Fully Automated sample preparation liquid handling system, a fully automated nucleic acid extraction system, and many more. 

Hybribio has enormously contributed to the control of the pandemic by successfully developing real-time PCR kits in the early stages.

Similar to the innovative technologies at Hybribio many other medical companies and startups are all set to display unique features that the world hasn’t seen, in the World Trade Center.

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