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MENA’s First Paralympic Shooting World Championships To Be Held In Abu Dhabi In 2022



MENA's First Paralympic Shooting World Championships To Be Held In Abu Dhabi In 2022

The 2022 paralympic shooting world cup is set to host for the first time in the middle east and North Africa. The emirate of Abu Dhabi will host all the ranges of the shooting competition from November 3 to 17, 2022.

The international event is all set to begin at the Al Ain Equestrian, a shooting and golf club in Al Ain city.

The international competition is organized by the Zayed Higher Organisation for people of determination (ZHO) in partnership and coordination with the International Paralympic Shooting Association and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

MENA Is Set To Host The First Paralympic Shooting World Championships In Abu Dhabi In 2022

The international event has registered 540 participants from 54 different countries around the world, including 259 athletes with all of their coaches, heads of the nations, and qualified referees from UAE and across the world.

MENA's First Paralympic Shooting World Championships To Be Held In Abu Dhabi In 2022

27 diverse competitions in air guns, fire guns, air rifles, shotgun shooting, and fire rifles (Siktoon) in different positions and distances will be held between different countries for teams and individuals for both men and women.

The international paralympic committee (IPC) has assigned 31 positions that will allow qualifying directly for the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. These 31 athletes will be selected based on their overall performance.

In doing this, the international paralympic committee (IPC) believes the participants will be fuelled with motivation and more dedication toward the competition. For the first time, the paralympic shooting competition will witness shooting competitions for the blind category.

The contract to host and organize the international competition was signed by the Executive Director of the People of Determination Sector at the organization, Abdullah Ismail Al Kamali, and by Ghislaine Briez, chairperson of the Paralympic Shooting World Championships in the presence of His Excellency Abdullah Abdulalee Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination at the historic Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain.

Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination is known for its excellent dedication to hosting and organizing regional and international sports tournaments, Secretary- general Abdullah Al Humaidan promises to deliver an exceptional event this year.

The institution also received a certificate of appreciation in past years for their excellent contribution to organizing various events, which received a direct request to schedule the first world championship in the region He also expressed his sincere compliments to the president and vice president of the state, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination has been enforcing a thorough plan to ensure excellent and effective events take place in the emirate.

Ghislaine Briez, chairperson of the world paralympic shooting champions trusts the outstanding equipment and installations in the Al Ain Equestrian, Shooting and Golf Club, to provide superiority in hosting the event as world talents are gathering to compete with each other.

She also added that this year’s tournament will be different from the previous years because the participants will show tremendous effort to win, she expects that this time the tournament will be highly competitive due to the chance to secure the qualification for the next year’s Paris Paralympic Games.

She also expressed her appreciation to the government of the United Arab Emirates and all the owners and higher officials who showed support for the international event, and her sincere thanks to the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, for coordinating to host and organize the international competition.

This international paralympic competition honors the succession of the multiple sporting events organized by the United Arab Emirates, it is set to be a pinnacle for the international paralympic committee in this sporting year.

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