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MOCCAE Graduates 1st Batch Of Participants In Youth Food Security Stations National Project




The UAE is striving to encourage food security measures by encouraging the youth to contribute to such efforts through technology and innovation. The Government is looking forward to engaging the youth in various sectors so as to channelise their strengths to prosper food security for the nation as a whole. In furtherance of these efforts, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment launched the first Youth Food Security Stations national project.

This project aims to train young minds to develop programmes for the farmers of the Emirate so that they can increase production by deploying innovative technologies. The programme had been launched in collaboration with the National Service and Reserve Authority. 

Her Excellency Mariam Almheiri, Minister of MOCCAE, recently attended the graduation ceremony for the 1st batch of participants who took part in the prestigious Youth Food Security Stations national project.

The graduation of the first batch of participants is likely to sow the seeds of the implementation of technology-driven food security measures which are likely to promote the Self-sufficiency of the emirate. This marks the first step towards finding solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural community of the nation. 

The programme has trained a group of young Emirates by honing their skills In agriculture

The Ministry of Climate change and environment initiated this programme in order to involve young men and women in the agricultural sector. Food security is presently a serious concern for the government of the UAE to tackle.

Ministry of Climate Change And Environment

According to the Ministry, there is an urgent need to promote the youth’s participation to devise innovative strategies to enhance food security and develop consistency in supply chain management.

The programme aims to empower and motivate the youth to venture into entrepreneurship and establish unique startups that help to overcome the unattended challenges associated with food security. 

The Youth Food Security stations national project had worked with the Gracia Groups. The organization has supplied its expertise and professionals to train the first batch of the programme.

In fact, the students were regularly educated so that they could develop sufficient understanding and an analytical mindset in this subject matter. H.E. Almheiri thanked the Chairman of the Gracia Groups, who attended the ceremony for all the help and assistance so far.

She even extended her gratitude towards the constant support of the National Service and Reserve Authority. The authority left no stone unturned to train the batch through the finest batch of Emirati recruits. 

The United Arab Emirates will play host to the 8th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). The objective of this event is to sustainably increase food production in the UAE without posing any major risks to the environment.

The Government is headstrong to streamline its effort to meet environmental and climatic obligations. It would be working along with the new graduates of the Programme for implementing high-tech solutions to prosper food security in a way that reduces the impact on the environment. According to the statement of H.E. Almheiri, the youth of the country can play a pivotal role in the realization of these goals. 

The ceremony was presided by many dignitaries and scholars who had worked for the development of modern agriculture in the UAE. One of the scholars made a remark that the graduates will change the agricultural landscape in the country in the years to come by supporting the farmers.

Their knowledge and skills will exponentially increase the agricultural output by integrating modern agricultural techniques into the climatic conditions of the UAE.

With the multiplication of the returns, the morale of the youth would further encourage them to invest in food production systems and sustainability goals. It will ultimately help to regularize the supply chain and maintain a steady supply of food chains thereby promoting food security.

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The programme targets students who are keen to make a career in the field of agriculture. These students are subjected to rigorous training for learning the intricacies of the subject matter. The ultimate objective was to improve the quality and quantity of production of food grains.

The programme has defined a proper course for the students to study and includes subjects like agricultural entrepreneurship, agricultural management, sustainable agricultural production and the latest technological growth in the agricultural sector.

The students are subjected to theoretical and practical training continuously. H.E. Almheiri announced towards the conclusion of the ceremony that the second phase would increase the batch size and hence offer these services to more children. This initiative is likely to revolutionize the agricultural sector in the UAE. 

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