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Ministry Of Education To Develop A Framework To Support Green Education



Ministry Of Education To Develop A Framework To Support Green Education

As the United Arab Emirates is in steadfast preparation for hosting COP28, the Ministry of Education will be developing and implementing an eco-education program that can be installed at a global level. With the collaborative efforts of UN agencies UNICEF AND UNESCO, the ministry sets its target on implementing a solid framework that aids with climate education and action within the youth.

Using education to implement sustainable development and action toward climate change

The  Minister of Education, Dr Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi stressed the significance of the UN climate change conference and highlighted the necessity for global cooperation to include a climate agenda into the education system.

Using education to implement sustainable development and action toward climate change

He stated that the Ministry of Education, they have an integral role to play in developing environment-friendly curricula and institutions and also training the faculties and educators to build sustainable green communities. Dr. Falasi said that COP28 being hosted in UAE presents us with another opportunity to zoom into the nation’s efforts in this sector to prepare and organize international efforts to incorporate green education within educational systems not only in this particular region but on a global scale.

The greening initiatives in the education sectors will be executed in these four aspects: schools, learning, capacities, and communities, which was revealed by the ministry during a press conference.

The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for the Care and Building Capacity sector, Dr. Amna Al-Dahak Al-Shamsi, revealed to the reporters that the ministry is preparing to transform 50 percent of all the schools and campuses in the United Arab Emirates to be accredited green with over 30 percent schools to be registered by the end of 2023.

Dr. Amna stresses the fact that individual behavior towards climate change is the major factor to create a real impact and that change at an individual level can only be brought about with education. She highlights the role that Education plays in this shifting mindsets, actions, and attitudes about nature today, and in the future.

To transform almost half as many schools in the nation 1,400 principals and 2,800 teachers will be tutored by the ministry for effective implementation of the concepts within the pupils.

More than 200 educational institutions have been green accredited within the last year. The ministry will be providing a seven-point structure for schools and universities to become more environmentally friendly and decrease their environmental impact whilst promoting sustainable practices among the youth and the larger community.

The foundation for all these sustainable programs started way back in 2019 when the ministry collaborated with IRENA to develop a solid curriculum framework.

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This framework is comprehensive and covers all 23 curricula within the country inclusive of all age groups, making sure that students of all ages and levels are aware of the concepts of sustainable development

Dr. Amna says that the Ministry is creating a framework and guidebooks in line with the cross-curriculum framework,  to aid the development of sustainability-focused co-curriculum activities for various levels of educational institutions in the country.

She said that the topics with major focus would be energy, the earth’s biosphere, consumption, climate action, and innovations for sustainability.

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