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Ministry Of Health Commemorates 16 Years Of Malaria-free UAE



Ministry Of Health Commemorates 16 Years Of Malaria-free UAE

The 25th of April every year is observed as World Malaria Day. But this year marks the 16th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates being declared malaria-free by the UNO’s World Health Organisation (WHO) in the year 2007.

Implementing effective strategies and collaborating with leading institutions resulted in this achievement

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has restated the UAE’s dedication to helping decrease the incidence of Malaria by 90 percent before 2030. The theme for this year’s World Malaria Day is “Harness Innovation to Reduce the Malaria Disease Burden and Save Lives”. 

Implementing effective strategies and collaborating with leading institutions resulted in this achievement

MoHAP highlighted that the United Arab Emirates continues to create and implement efforts to fight malaria through the implementation of preventive measures that emphasize the protection of the community’s health. Among the Middle Eastern regions UAE was the first nation to be declared free of the diseases

The ministry has reported that the approach to eradicating this disease is based on an effective strategy that comprises collaborative efforts of health authorities to stop the importation of malaria into the nation. Implementing a highly efficient epidemiological surveillance mission was also a part of the above-mentioned strategy. All these programs are under Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 relating to the prevention of communicable Diseases and International Health Regulations.

The Ministry is also careful on matters concerning the investigation and controlling of insects and also joining hands with the neighboring countries in this sector to make sure of comprehensive control of the disease.

It also included the training and rehabilitation of the equipped personnel as well as reinforcing activities to fight the mosquitoes that spread the diseases.

Parasites transferred through the bite of female Anopheles Mosquito are the sole cause of Malaria in human beings. Malaria is categorized as a communicable disease which means it has the potency to spread from one infected person to another.

This disease is life-threatening but still curable, yet Malaria poses a threat to the global health population. During the year 2021, the estimated number of cases of malaria was around 247 million throughout the globe. 

To face this Malaria crisis, the World Health Organisation introduced a Global Technical Strategy for Malaria 2016-2030. The primary target is to reduce the cases of Malaria by 90 percent and eradicate the disease in the targeted 35 countries by the year 2030.

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MoHAP has revealed that various health organizations that function at the International level have praised the President of UAE His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for his steadfast support for initiatives aimed at combating Malaria at a global scale.

Sheikh Mohammed has supported various initiatives like ‘Malaria No More and ‘Reaching the Last Mile’.

These initiatives were part of the country’s humanitarian schemes to promote therapeutics and health programs. The United Arab Emirates has also supported other initiatives at a global level like the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the ‘Roll Back Malaria Partnership program.

The Ministry declared that the government of UAE will continue to encourage global health through collaborating with institutions which will result in positive impacts that will make tangible differences in the lives of individuals and families throughout the world aiding a happier, healthier, and sustainable future.

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