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Mohamed Alabbar, The Billionaire Businessman Shares Iftar Meals With The Delivery Workers



Mohammed Alabbar, The Billionaire Businessman Shares Iftar Meals With The Delivery Workers

The Billionaire businessman, Mr. Mohamed Alabbar, the founder of Noon, a delivery app decided to break his fast with the delivery riders. He also visited a Namshi site for a meet and greet with the workers there during the holy month.

Alabbar expressed his gratitude to the delivery workers

During this holy month, there was quite a demand for the service of delivery workers who played their integral role this season and made sure to reach their destinations on time. There were plenty of delivery riders spotted on the streets of UAE,  especially around the time of Iftar when the riders were under pressure to make deliveries on time.

Mohamed Alabbar

Their efforts were recognized and thanked by the gratifying act on the part of Mohamed Alabbar. Mr. Alabbar broke his fast with the delivery riders. He also used this time to visit a Nashmi facility to meet with the workers there.

He saved his time and spent it with the delivery riders who work for ‘Noon in 15 minutes,’ a feature of the Noon App that delivers groceries and other vital products to consumers in 15 minutes.He shared a joyful time with the facility workers at Namshi where he was seen sharing a jovial time with them as he was walking around the facility.

Mr. Alabbar took to Instagram to express his heartfelt gratitude to the workers. He wrote that he would like to express his thanks to the Noon and Namshi frontlines workers for their industrious services provided this Ramadan season and for bringing their hard work and passion to Noon and Namshi every day. 

The businessman put up a post on Instagram, sharing this invaluable moment with his social media followers. The video shows the billionaire chatting with the delivery riders as he humbly serves them Iftar.

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An Emirati Businessman, Mohamed Alabbar is best reclaimed as the founder of Emaar Properties, which is a multinational real estate development company situated in the United Arab Emirates. This company was listed on the Dubai financial market and was estimated at a value of 15.5 billion US dollars. This public joint stock company worked as the developer for the assets like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall

He is also the chairman of Eagle Hills which was established in 2014 in the United Arab Emirates. Eagle Hills is based in Abu Dhabi and work in the field of private investment and real estate development company.

Alabbar is the co-founder of, which is an e-commerce platform that was founded in 2016. Noon operates in the regions of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Alabbar also holds the position of chairman of Americana Group, which functions in the food sector. Americana is a Kuwaiti-based food company headquartered in the city of Sharjah. The company dispenses food products throughout the Middle East and North African regions. It also holds the record of being the largest integrated food company in the Middle East.

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