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Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center Made An Announcement That Rashid Rover Failed To Complete Its Mission



Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center Made An Announcement That Rashid Rover Failed To Complete Its Mission

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center made an important yet sad announcement. The Rashid Rover which was all set to land on the moon by the 25th of April will not be able to complete its mission as the HAKUTO-R Mission-1 faced an unfortunate problem resulting in its failure in landing.

HAKUTO-R Mission 1 might have crashed on the Lunar surface

The ispace company revealed the unfortunate happenings and the unsuccessful landing of the Moon lander and after this, an announcement was made by the MBRSC stating that the Rashid Rover and several other payloads on the lander would not be able to complete their respective missions, confirming the sad news.

HAKUTO-R Mission 1 might have crashed on the Lunar surface

Yet the authorities at MBRSC used this opportunity to appreciate the people who worked hard for the mission. MBRSC expressed their respect and gratitude towards Japan’s ispace agency for their sheer work ethic towards this moon landing mission.

The Emirati Space Center also mentioned how proud they were in being the first Emirati and Arab nation to develop a rover that entered the Moon’s orbit and be this close to landing on the lunar surface.

The institution is proud of its achievements and the glory it brought to the nation. They also used this opportunity to express their heartfelt gratitude to their local and international partners who assisted them and provided them with invaluable insights.MBRSC also thanked the French Space Agency CNES, for both their scientific and technical contributions to this mission.

And thus the Emirate’s longest Space Mission came to an end. The announcement ended in an optimistic and reassuring tone saying how much they are inspired to dream and achieve even more. MBRSC is strong in its pursuit of more fruitful space explorations.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) announced that Rashid Rover was set to land on the Moon on the 25th of April 2023 at 8:40 PM (UAE time).

The last time they successfully connected with the lander. The rover was orbiting the moon at an altitude of about 100 km at the perilune and about 2,300 km at the apolune. Perilune and Apolune are the closest and farthest points from the center of the moon.

The statement from the mission control that they were not able to establish communication with the lander came about a little later than 30 minutes after the scheduled moon landing time at 8:40 PM (UAE time).

The Japanese corporation had previously said that communication was secured, but it abruptly broke. As of now the scientists at ispace believes that the HAKUTO-R Mission-1 crash landed on the lunar surface.

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A SpaceX rocket was used to launch this craft and it took five months to reach its destination.

The lander appeared to have troubles when it was as close as 295 feet from the surface of the moon.

The HAKUTO-R -R Mission-1 was just over 2m in height and was 340 kg in weight; It was developed as a cargo vehicle for the conveyance of payloads into the lunar orbit and on the surface. Hakuto translates to white Rabbit in Japanese. This was meant to be the World’s first private Lunar Landing.

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