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Ramadan 2023: UAE President Sheikh Mohamed Calls For ‘Peace And Harmony’



Ramadan 2023 UAE President Sheikh Mohamed Calls For ‘Peace And Harmony’

The President of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed, has wished his nationals and the entire world, “a blessed world of reflection” on the occasion of Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan commenced this Thursday.

His Highness recently posted a heartfelt message on Twitter and urged all the citizens of the UAE to practice peace and harmony for the upliftment of the world at large. The UAE president aims to unite the world at large through the promotion of shared feelings and beliefs.

He went ahead to state that the holy month of Ramadan would be observed by 2 billion people around the world. Therefore, it was important to promote the integrity of the religion and strengthen the notions of secularism and fraternity. 

UAE has issued numerous directives to enable the people to celebrate the festivities with greater ease

Sheikh Mohammed expressed his desire to establish the country UAE as the greatest global power in the world. According to him, it was only through unity and spiritualism that the differentiated beliefs of the people would be addressed.

UAE has issued numerous directives to enable the people to celebrate the festivities with greater ease

He wrote on Twitter that each person in the world should pray not only for his personal well-being but for the collective well-being of the community as a whole. He believed that with such a practice, the Supreme God would shower his divine blessings on the entire mankind and this would pave the way for further development. 

The President of the UAE has wished his countrymen ahead of the commencement of festivities. He had also sent his best wishes to Arab leaders across the world in order to further strengthen their communal relationships.

The divine wishes for Ramadan have been shared by other leaders of the Emirates as well. All the ministries and departments are posting their wishes on social media platforms.

They are greeting each other and send their wishes for the growth of their religion and culture as a whole. The entire administration of the country has come together to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan this year. This is evidence of their commitment to their country as a whole. 

The state news agencies have been keeping a track of all the latest developments during the month of Ramadan. It recently reported that the UAE leaders are personally congratulating all the Emir rulers, kings, and Presidents of other Islamic States.

In fact, the President and the Prime Minister of the UAE have sent a customized momento to these leaders in an attempt to build friendly relationships.

High Highness Sheikh Mohammed revealed that he prays for the good health of all the dignitaries and expects all of them to come together for the progress and prosperity of all the Arab countries. 

The President of the UAE wanted all the Arab people to offer their first fajr prayer on Thursday morning with a pure heart and utmost devotion.

He stated that this is the time of the year when the countrymen are expected to be helpful and generous towards each other. He believes that such feelings would propel goodwill and faith among the people at large.

The sentiments of the UAE leaders clearly depict their emotions. All of them strongly believe in the power of prayers.

They expect peace and patience to prevail among the communities because that is the only way to unite with Allah. The government of Dubai has encouraged the spread of this message through various social media platforms. 

The Government of Dubai has made various efforts to ensure that the residents do not face any issues during the month of Ramadan. The official working hours and the working capacity has been reduced for the government entities.

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In fact, schools and colleges have been further directed to switch to distant learning on Fridays. Parking facilities have been made free on Friday for people travelling by public transportation.

The leaders believe that this month is an opportunity for the world to build perseverance and tolerance to face upcoming challenges. The prayers offered by all the countrymen during this month will definitely be fruitful in the times to come. 

Ramadan is a month wherein the Arabic and Islamic people offer their prayers to the divine forces for invoking their blessings. The leaders of the UAE have pleaded with the countrymen to offer these prayers together instead of acting in isolation.

If the people pray together, then it would naturally benefit the entire nation. This is the key to attaining the social, economic, and political welfare of the nation. The month obligates the people to practice fasting and serve the community to boost feelings of togetherness. This is the best way to build a stronger nation with shared emotions. 

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