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RTA Accomplished An 82 % Retrofitting Of Facilities For People Of Determination



RTA Accomplished An 82 % Retrofitting Of Facilities For People Of Determination

The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai announced that they have completed the first and second stages of retrofitting the buildings and facilities of the city. This was done to ensure that they met the requirements of the Dubai Building Code – Accessibility for People Determinations. With this completion, the projects have reached an 82 percent completion rate.

This project has retrofitted several locations like customer centers, head offices, and bus stations

The Director of the Building and Facilities of Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector of the RTA, Abdulrahman Al Janahi said that the project has completed its first and second phases of retrofitting. During these phases, the Building and Facilities Department has successfully finished retrofitting in many places. 

This project has retrofitted several locations like customer centers, head offices, and bus stations

The locations in which the project was completed include places like the Head Office of the Road and Transport Authority, Customer Happiness Centres in Deira, Umm Ramool, and Al Barsha, several bus stations which are located at the Deira City Centre, Ibn Battuta Centre and Al Quoz.

Apart from this, the project has also completed retrofitting at the multilevel parking terminals of the old and new Sabkha and Ghubaiba, Al Rigga, Carlton, and Naif, he said. 

The project has incorporated tactile guiding trails on both the inside and outside for supporting the visually impaired. In addition to this wheelchair ramps, toilets, signage, automatic doors, and audio improvements like a microphone at the front desk for communicating with people who have hearing impairments were also made. 

He added that there are also special counters allocated for persons with mobility issues, braille signage, and special smartphones to support those people who have hearing and visual impairments. 

With the successful completion of phases one and two, the RTA is preparing to start phase three of retrofitting its facilities and buildings with an aim to accomplish a 100 percent completion rate in as per the 2023 plan.

During this third phase the RTA plans to cover the bus stations located at the Mall of the Emirates, Al Qusais, Al Karama, Jebel Ali, and the ticket kiosks at marine transport stations like the Al Jaddaf marine transport station, he said. 

The Municipality of Dubai has awarded the Road and Transports Authority a Gold Certificate in the category “Accessible for All”. This certification was awarded as an appreciation for the efforts taken by the RTA in retrofitting the customer happiness centers to comply with the requirements and accessibility standards.

The Road and Transports Authority also offers ‘Mobile Customer Services’ to the people of determination in their homes. This service provides them access to the employees and customer services over a bus that has an elevator and escalator which helps to welcome the customers and process their transactions.

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The UAE has made significant efforts to provide citizens with equal living space. The UAE refers to those with disabilities as “people of determination.” This reference name was given to them because of their accomplishments in numerous professions.

The government of the UAE has introduced many policies and projects to offer protection and empower them. The RTA of Dubai has striving to make the city a citizen-friendly one, especially for those people of determination.

It has introduced various smart services and facilities like parking provisions, ticket-selling booths, RTA service centers, and much more to assist them. 

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