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RTA Constructed New Rest Spots For Truck Drivers



RTA Constructed New Rest Spots For Truck Drivers

As part of the expansion plans of Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA), new truck rest spots will be constructed in three different locations in Dubai. These rest stops will be inclusive of all the necessary services and comforts. It will have restaurants, driving training centers, pharmacies, laundry services, maintenance workshops, etc.

The construction contract has been given to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) handling one contract and the other two by Almutakamela Vehicle Testing and Registration.

The locations for the construction of rest stops have been decided after identifying key points that can improve the smooth movement of trucks. 

RTA Constructed 3 massive truck rest stops in partnership with Adnoc

It is estimated that Dubai trucks do around three hundred thousand trips per day carrying 1.5 million tons of goods. The decision to construct rest stops was made as the trucks didn’t have proper areas to park and this caused them to stop at residential areas and random points near the highway. This will also create an ideal investment for meeting the increased demand for trucks across Dubai. 

truck rest stops

The safety of the truck drivers is another major concern for the RTA officials as these infrastructural developments would increase the traffic efficiency and general well-being of truck drivers. The whole project was started after conducting a long range of surveys, and interviews and analyzing workshop maintenance records throughout different companies. This data helped in predicting points of cargo collection and distribution network in Dubai.

As part of a new truck movement ban enforced through the emirates, new routes were also revised for the smooth transportation of trucks and the goods concerned. The project is aimed at pulling in more revenue for RTA and also increase investment opportunities for other companies that are interested in partnering with RTA on developmental projects. Land transport is one of the most crucial modes of economic transaction for RTA and the developments inside this sector need to be upgraded with all necessary structural implementations.   

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The first and third rest stops will be constructed by Almutakamela Vehicle Testing and Registration at Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Jebel Ali free zone and at the Dubai Industrial City entry. The second one by ADNOC will be built at Emirates Road, Al Tayy race track. The three rest stops are able to handle 500 trucks and the facilities provided also are meant to be able to handle this many trucks.

Specific locations were chosen to build these rest stops by keeping in mind different technical criteria that would help make travel efficient with the proximity of these locations towards strategic city points, logistical conveniences, and main road access.   

In 2021, RTA started off a project to have a zero-emission public transport system by 2050. This long-term project would include the use of hydrogen and electric-powered buses, taxis, and limousines. The use of solar energy will also be promoted at various RTA buildings and premises as part of the green energy initiative.

An MoU has been signed for the development and use of automated transportation systems together with improving the city’s ticket system by partnering with VISA. The development blueprint of RTA is based on the public transportation models of cities like New York, the UK, France, Japan, and Denmark. 

RTA looks forward to partnering up with different companies for further development in the areas of transportation that can increase the overall ability to move goods throughout Dubai and the UAE.

They are also looking into innovative ways that will make the transportation system free of pollution while promoting new and improved sustainable energy sources. The economic expansion of Dubai becomes the core goal of RTA and the achievement of this requires remodeling and reconception of various methods related to transport and safety.  

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