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Sheikh Hamdan Approves The Updated Model For Government Excellence In Dubai



Sheikh Hamdan Approves The Updated Model For Government Excellence In Dubai

The new model for exceptional government in Dubai has indeed received the approval of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai.

This new model, which is in line with federal requirements, is designed to help Dubai’s government departments in enhancing their performance by placing a focus on innovation and quality as well as the residents’ quality of life and community well-being.

The “Services 360” plan and Dubai Future Readiness Index align with the new government excellence model

A comprehensive strategy for enhancing Dubai’s government services, the “Services 360” program seeks to give citizens a smooth, integrated experience across all services.

The new government excellence model supports this objective by placing a strong focus on strengthening both the customer experience and the quality and effectiveness of government services.

The Services 360 plan and Dubai Future Readiness Index align with the new government excellence model

The Dubai Future Readiness Index, on the other hand, assesses the city’s future readiness using six major standards: infrastructure, economic performance, government efficiency, social development, and environment and sustainability. By focusing on the importance of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in government work, the new government excellence model is consistent with this ranking.

The new government excellence model is designed to support the vision of the UAE leadership to provide world-class government services and to build a sustainable and innovative future for the country.

On Dubai’s new model for superior government, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made the following remarks.

The planet is undergoing fast change. Governments from all over the world recently gathered in Dubai for the Global Government Summit, where they talked about the future and all of its opportunities and challenges. In Dubai, we are resolute in our commitment to being at the forefront of technology, consistently aiming to be the leader in the race to the future.

Towards this purpose, we have set up an updated model of government excellence that aims to improve our working environment by introducing fresh approaches to evaluation and simplifying our service delivery with cutting-edge techniques.

In his statement, Sheikh Hamdan underlined Dubai’s commitment to maintaining its status as a premier global metropolis and to remaining at the forefront of innovation and excellence in governmental services.

This dedication is reflected in the new model for government excellence, which uses cutting-edge techniques to streamline service delivery and new evaluation techniques. Dubai hopes to accomplish this by offering the best, most timely, and most effective government services to its citizens and businesses.

The three Government Excellence Model’s salient features

The Vision – The first pillar, is concerned with enhancing the leadership teams’ role in guiding government organizations toward the best possible outcomes. To achieve this, an institutional culture of growth, innovation, and future preparation must be established.

Distinctive Value  – the second pillar, is focused on combining all parameters that determine how the government organization delivers value to its customers and society.

The pillar introduces a brand-new metric called “societal value” that evaluates how government services affect society. A new criterion called “partnership” has been included, and it focuses on outlining the principles of collaborations with the business sector.

Development Enablers- The third pillar, includes the innovation criterion, which motivates government departments to innovate models, work mechanisms, and unprecedented services that achieve development and transformation. By doing so, they can enhance their positions in competitiveness and global leadership.

Departments that are participating in the new system of excellence in government

Dubai’s General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Financial Audit Authority, Department of Finance, Department of Legal Affairs, General Secretariat of the Supreme Legislation Committee, Dubai Digital Authority, as well as Dubai Government Human Resources Department, will work together to measure the key indicators for the city’s new system of government excellence.

These central government organizations will establish the conditions for the main criteria in the new model for government excellence as well as track and analyze the central performance indicators of the various government agencies. The evaluation of the program’s overall performance will be based on this data.

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The standards and procedures for evaluating Dubai’s top model and framework for government excellence have been revised. The variable categories and the Dubai Medals for Government Excellence have also been updated. Moreover, 2024 has been set aside for the program’s review cycle.

Abdulla Al Basti, who is the Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) Said :

The new model for government excellence is consistent with recent advancements in government work systems. The model includes advanced performance monitoring indicators that are in sync with qualitative progress in service delivery and provision.

According to Al Basti, the updated government excellence model will be essential in promoting institutional agility, successful public-private partnerships, and integrated proactive government services that take advantage of cutting-edge digital technologies.

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