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Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai Feedback app



Sheikh Hamdan Launches Dubai Feedback app

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in an attempt to raise the standard of living of the citizens, has launched a platform titled, “04”.

The 04 platform aims to provide a portal wherein the citizens, residents, and even visitors of Dubai can lodge complaints, and file suggestions, and opinions. The platform showcases 40 Government entities that would address the concerns of the users and process them in the minimum possible time.

The Government wants to improve the delivery of its services to the customers and emerge as a leader in terms of providing world-class governance. 

The Dubai administration has acknowledged the importance of customers. According to the new initiative, a customer is not only a mere beneficiary but rather a strategic partner in the development of the country.

The users can file their concerns quickly in less than 2 minutes on the04 platform

It is only with the collaborative and collective efforts of the government and the citizens that comprehensive strategies are devised and implemented.

This teamwork is the key to excellent governance and speedier settlement of grievances. The 04 platform is a revamped attempt to reinforce the government’s efforts. 

The users can file their concerns quickly in less than 2 minutes on the04 platform

The 04 platforms have been designed comprehensively in a way to entertain every concern of the users so far. The entire interface of the platform is segregated into three parts. The users can complain, comment and suggest.

These complaints, comments, and suggestions are recorded in less than 2 minutes using a simple three-step process. The Government has therefore developed a platform for improving the satisfaction and happiness of the users.

The Crown Prince of Dubai has imposed a great responsibility on the governmental entities to work beyond the imagination of the citizens. 

The first segment of the platform allows users to submit their suggestions to government entities. These suggestions can be with respect to incorporating any new changes or improving the delivery of services.

Users can post their ideas and these ideas can become a source of inspiration to the Government. With the help of these inputs, the Government can become capable of developing legislation and policies for the public good. This will increase the confidence of the citizens in the quality of the governance thereby resulting in peace and political stability. 

The second part of the portal enables the users to comment on the current state of affairs. The citizens have the freedom to defend or criticize any government transaction. They can post their reviews and these reviews will allow the Government to ensure the customer’s happiness and satisfaction.

It is a mechanism to exercise a check and balance between the ideology behind a policy and the aftermath of its implementation.  The Government may discontinue or amend a service if the citizens are not really happy with it.

Government entities can exercise control of the execution of their transactions via this method. 

Last but not the least, the users have the right to lodge complaints against the inaction or inefficiency of the government entities. The users can file their complaints if they are dissatisfied with the service itself or the way in which the same is delivered.

This helps the Government to take note of the loopholes which currently affect the efficiency of the system to the core. The Government entities address these complaints and allow the citizens to keep a track record of the same. Users can follow up on the status of their application to availing quick and satisfactory remedies. 

The Unified Interactive Platform operates between the Government and the customers.  It allows the users to submit their concerns in three easy steps with respect to more than 40 Government entities in less than 2 minutes.

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Users can communicate directly with the front-line employees and get addressed. Similarly, the Government has tried to ensure an omnipresent experience for customers.

The users can now file their complaints and submit their suggestions using social media channels as well. The ease of accessing these remedies is a major step undertaken by the government to boost the efficiency of government services. 

Once the users have made a submission, they have a right to track the status of the same over time. They can hold the authorities liable for non-performance as well. The Government seeks to establish a direct platform for interacting with the citizens at large.

Such a mechanism will ensure the timely and speedier resolution of the issues. All of this is a part of Dubai’s mission to emerge as a global power in terms of governance and delivery of services. It has inspired many Middle Eastern countries to focus on the quality of life of their citizens. 

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