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Some Schools In UAE Reject Higher Fees Despite New KHDA Price Hike Allowance



Some Schools In UAE Reject Higher Fees Despite New KHDA Price Hike Allowance

The Indian High Group of Schools has decided against raising tuition fees for the academic year 2023-24 in pursuit to offer affordable education to the children. The association of Indian Schools has already received permission from the Government of Dubai to raise the fees by 3 percent.

However, the group has decided to adjust the operational costs and inflation rates against the available revenue and freeze tuition fees for the next academic year.

This has been for the second time in a row that the association has denied raising any fees for the larger interest of the student community. 

The Chief Executive of Indian High Group of Schools, Punit Vasu explained that they prefer to maintain the status quo this year as well. According to him, the aim of the group is to provide world-class education without imposing any additional burden on the stakeholders.

The entity is a non-profit organization and is granted various relaxations by the Government. There are three institutions that run under the aegis of this body. They have committed themselves to providing quality education to the students so far. 

The Indian High Group of School has been able to provide the highest quality of subsidized education

The Indian High Group of Schools has been licensed by the Community Development Authority, Government of Dubai. The organization has invested in technology in order to incorporate the benefits of interactive learning within the school premises.

The Board of Executives has collaborated and partnered with different institutions in order to upgrade and enrich the curriculum. This curriculum has been drafted to ensure the holistic development of the students.

The Indian High Group of School has been able to provide the highest quality of subsidized education

They have also launched various initiatives and programs to encourage other co-curriculum activities. The Institution has worked sufficiently to develop the infrastructure of the schools and develop them further to compete with the global standards of education. 

The Board of Trustees recently shared their views with the media stating that they are happy to forego yet another chance to increase their fees and boost their profitability.

They are magnanimous and generous enough to consider the interests of the parents and hence be flexible with their policies. They have developed these institutions and are offering the best facilities to the students so far.

The reduced level of tuition fees is likely to benefit many parents and reduce the financial burden on them to the greatest possible extent. In fact, many parents shared their happiness and satisfaction at the decision of the Board.

The Indian High Groups of Schools have always acted for the benefit of the pupils and their parents. The average fee for students in the age group of 10-15 years is around Dh 1800. Additionally, an amount of Dh 1200 is levied on the basic fees charged for sponsoring extra co-curricular activities.

All of these charges basically increase the overall cost of education in Dubai and hence impose an additional burden on the parents. The average school fee paid to the schools under the Indian High Groups of Schools is around Dh 750 and is inclusive of all the charges.

It does not charge any additional or separate charges to the students so far. The schools have strived so far to provide qualitative and affordable education to the children so far and have been successful to an extent in this regard. 

Parents are very satisfied with this decision. In a recent interview with the President of the Parent’s union, it was revealed that they set out a huge chunk of their income for the education of the children. It is not only about education but also about the other expenses that the parents have to bear for making it comfortable for their children to access education.

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These expenses include the ones like transportation, stationary, extra co-curricular, sports, and tuition. According to the statistics, a parent spends approximately 15-20% of his monthly income on the education of his child. The burden is likely to multiply as there may be more than one kid. School education is considered to be the biggest financial burden on parents so far, especially for those who have two or three children. 

The cost of living in Dubai has already increased beyond comprehension. Therefore, the decision of the Indian High Group of Schools is a welcoming step to work for the welfare of the community overall.

The best part about their education services is that they provide a world-class education that competes with global standards and they make every possible attempt to holistically develop the interests of the students.

They have modernized their education standards and are in no way less than the other privatized schools of Dubai. The Knowledge and Human Resources Authority has applauded such a move and has motivated other participants to take note of such intentions. 

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