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Son Of FIA President ‘Saif Ben Sulayem’ Passes Away In Dubai Car Crash



Son Of FIA President 'Saif Ben Sulayem' Passes Away In Dubai Car Crash

In one of the recent most unfortunate incidents, Saif Ben Sulayem passed away in a car accident in Dubai. He was the son of the FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The incident shocked the entire community. It is definitely a tough time for the family. An FIA spokesperson has recently confirmed the news. He has also requested the media to stay away and allow the family some privacy in order to cope with the loss.

The exact reason for the accident has not yet been disclosed and the investigations have already begun. The investigating officers suspect it was a natural accident.

There are possibilities that Saif Ben Sulayem died due to a conspiracy against him. However, no official statement has been made yet from the end of the officials.

Saif Ben Sulayem was an iconic personality and his sudden death shocked everyone 

Saif Ben Sulayem has an incredible personality. He was inspired by his father Mohammed Ben Sulayem. He used to spend the maximum of his time with his father.

Like his father, he also decided to pursue a career in motorsports. He was as successful as his father. He did everything which could make a father proud.

Saif Ben Sulayem was an iconic personality and his sudden death shook everyone 

It was in the year of 2016 that after completing his studies, he pursued racing and soon by the end of 2017, he completed UAE Formula 4 series. He was successful in racing against the current Formula 1 rookie such as Logan Sargeant and Oscar Piastri.

Competing for the first time against these legendary motorists was his biggest challenge but soon he emerged with flying colors. After that, there wasn’t any looking back for him. He completed many races and expeditions. He emerged as a winner in around 8 races from the total 18 he took part in.

He also had the courage to deviate from his well-established career in 2018 and became a racing driver. He was successful in that field as well. He finished most of the games in the top slots. But he did not give up being a participant in motorsports.

Recently, he took to Instagram to reveal that it is actually difficult for him to choose between racing and motorsports. He is keen to pursue both of them efficiently and so far he has been able to achieve his goal.

He used to give the entire credit for his achievements to his father. In a recent interview, he expressed his ecstasy for having made a place for himself independently irrespective of his father’s power.

He also added to this by enumerating the ways in which he was inspired by the never-ending zeal of his father. It has been only due to the constant support and motivation of his father that he has been able to earn a name and fame in the sporting careers.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, his father, was also a rally driver. Soon after his retirement, he took over the charge of the FIA and became the president in 2021 by succeeding Jean Todt. He has revamped the course of the sport by introducing many novel changes.

He evolved a new ‘governance framework’ for FIA by delegating the responsibility to the person according to their capabilities. He has assigned a considerable amount of decision-making powers to Nikolas Tombazid, who is the single-seater director of the FIA. FIA has truly evolved under his leadership. 

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However, the sudden trauma of his son’s death has shaken him and his family to the core. He hasn’t reported back to duties since his son’s death. Instead, he has not even talked to any of the officials according to a statement by an FIA spokesperson.

He has communicated to the entire Federation that he needs time to cope up with the loss. In a recent tweet, he appealed and requested the media to stay away from his family and allow them some private space for mourning the loss of their beloved.  

Condolences have been pouring from all over the world. People are sending their prayers for the departed soul and strength to the family to bear such a heavy loss. According to some of the bystanders who witnessed the accident, Ben Sulayem struggled to survive but despite his efforts, he died on the spot.

The police and the officers are investigating the exact cause of the accident and soon a report covering the entire incident would be provided to the FIA president. Evidence is also being collected in this regard. A future update with respect to this incident would be sufficiently reported by the media to the public.

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