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Stake Offers A Golden Opportunity For Property Investors To Receive UAE Golden Visa



Stake Offers A Golden Opportunity For Property Investors To Receive UAE Golden Visa

It is a golden opportunity for investors seeking a golden visa as they can lay hands on a 10-year UAE permit for residence by investing 2 million dirhams or greater in Dubai’s rapidly growing property market, through the investment platform Stake. 

Investing a minimum of 2 million AED is mandatory for eligibility

This is an innovative and first-of-its-kind initiative, where investors can get a Golden Visa by investing through this digital platform.

Investing a minimum of 2 million AED is mandatory for eligibility

The corporation will issue a Golden Visa to investors who plan to engage in real estate through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) registered with the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

There is no restriction regarding the investor’s location of residence to meet the eligibility criteria for the golden visa, only the monetary criteria of investing a minimum amount of 2 million dirhams.

There are various benefits of obtaining a Golden Visa through the Stake platform, like the accessibility that it provides. Property investors are not limited due to their geographical location to be eligible to apply for the Golden Visa with Stake platform

People who invest have the liberty to distribute the fund amount of 2 million AED across various properties which showcases a diversified real estate portfolio. As the platform serves in online mode it terminates the demand for physical or paper-intensive transactions. 

The sales process in its entirety, screening tenants and managing properties are all handled by the platform experts. Investors also have the option to track and manage portfolios through this platform.

The platform eradicates the obligation to purchase off-plan properties. It gives the investors a chance to buy parts of ready-to-occupy properties

The Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Stake, Mr. Rami Tabbara shared that they are more than proud to introduce the Golden Visa initiative, illustrating their dedication to enhancing and bringing forth innovations in the FinTech space and revolutionizing the real estate industry in the region. 

He added that being the first-ever digital platform to provide this service, they are giving valuable opportunities for investors on a global scale to invest their capital in the Dubai real estate sector which is expanding at a rapid rate.

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He shared that this is a golden opportunity because everyone sees the potential this city has to offer and has the dreams to make a little part of this city their own, and this platform made it easy to get started on their investment journey.

Mr. Tabbara expressed that this initiative is evidence of their work ethic and dedication towards the potential investors and the development of Dubasi’s real estate industry.

The Stake platform was launched in 2020. Its specialty is that the platform enables anyone residing in any part of the world to explore real estate opportunities and make investments in Dubai. So far, the platform has assembled over 140k users.

The stake will be hitting other cities pretty soon. The Crown Prince of Dubai and the Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai Sheik Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum revealed that mosque imams, preachers, muezzins, muftis, and religious leaders will be offered the Golden Visa of UAE. For those who have completed 20 years of work will be shortlisted for the 10-year residency.

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