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Sultan Al Neyadi And Crew-6 Team Successfully Relocate Dragon Spacecraft On Iss



Sultan Alneyadi And Crew-6 Team Successfully Relocate Dragon Spacecraft On Iss

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) confirmed that the Najmonaut Sultan Al Neyadi with the rest of Crew 6 members successfully finished the mission to relocate the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station.

Al Neyadi took part in this mission along with the Crew-6 members, NASA astronauts Stephen Bowen and Warren Hoburg and Roscosmos cosmonaut Andrey Fedyaev.

NASA, SpaceX, and MBRSC all assisted in this mission

The mission started at 3:23 PM UAE time, with the Crew-6 members removing the Dragon spacecraft which is used for transporting required supplies as well as astronauts between Earth and ISS, from the space-facing port of the Harmony module on the Space Station.

After completing the necessary technical requirements and set up, which took around 38 minutes, the crew attached the spacecraft to the station’s forward Harmony port at 4:01 PM UAE time.

NASA, SpaceX, and MBRSC all assisted in this mission

The plans for transferring the Dragon spacecraft were assisted by the Mission Control Center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, and SpaceX in Hawthorne, California, in addition to being monitored by the MBRSC team.

This changing of location freed the Harmony modules port for docking the next Dragon cargo spacecraft preparing to be launched in June.

The Canadarm 2 robotic arm will be given easier access to the International Space Station Roll-Out Solar Arrays, or IROSAs, through the zenith port on Harmony, which will reach the space station on SpaceX’s 28th commercial resupply mission for NASA for installation through a series of spacewalks.

Before the mission, the members of Crew-6  got together on Tuesday and inspected the pressure suits they had to wear for relocating the Dragon spacecraft.

In addition to that the group members reviewed the procedures, examined vehicle hatches, and set up the spacecraft cabin to make sure of the safe and easy completion of the assigned mission.

The Mission Manager of the UAE Astronaut Program, Adnan Al Rais said that the victorious relocation of the Dragon spacecraft, masterfully finished by Sultan Al Nayadi and his fellow teammates of Crew-6 carves a new accomplishment for Expedition 69.

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He said that by assisting in the operation and maintenance of the ISS, they will be advancing scientific ventures on the space station. He also shared that in the future they are keenly looking forward to many more innovative collaborations, missions, and experiments that will be supplementing humanity’s knowledge and well-being.

Al Neyadi had recently booked another title of being the first Arab, first Muslim, and first Emirati to complete a spacewalk during this Expedition 69, along with his crewmate Stephen Bowen. The spacewalk lasted 7 hours and 1 minute and was productive enough to complete a lot of preparatory tasks which consisted of routing power cables, as a step forward for the installation of iROSA.

Previously Bowen and Al Neyadi had collaborated on the Destiny laboratory module, focusing on the life support gear. The astronauts collected water samples and tried replacing components from inside Destiny’s oxygen generation system.

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