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The 6-year-old Went Missing And Reunited With Her Mum Within 30 Minutes



The 6-year-old Went Missing And Reunited With Her Mum Within 30 Minutes

A Russian girl of age 6 years old got lost in the crowd on JBR Beach and separated from her mother. The missing child reunited with her mother within half an hour.

The Director of the Tourist Police Department Brigadier Khalfan Obaid Al Jallaf, said that the mother of the child lost track of her daughter as the beaches flooded with the crowd. Almost every single tourist attraction in Dubai was jammed with visitors during the 4 days of the weekend due to the Eid Al Fitr break.

Dubai police were equipped for the holidays to ensure the safety of the public

Brigadier Khalfan Obaid Al Jallaf described their action plan. The patrolling officers stationed at Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s Beach swiftly formed a search team to locate the child. They contacted the mother to state the kind of clothes she was wearing and to describe it to the team in addition to the general description of the child.

The police team requested a picture of the child from the mother too. He proudly said that the team found the girl in under half an hour.

Dubai police were equipped for the holidays to ensure the safety of the public

During this reporting, Al Jallaf stressed the fact that they are pledged to their duty and work ethic to ensure the safety of the public. He says that with the guidance and supervision of Major General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, The Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations, The Tourist Police Department is determined to make sure of readiness and complete alertness to manage any incoming reports, especially during such holidays like Eid Al Fitr or National days

The Head of the Tourists Voyages Monitoring Section, Captain Ahmad Al Muhairi stated that the police departments usually station officers extra in number and more patrols during holidays.

He said that this deployment demands the formation of working groups and emergency action plans, along with awareness and educational approaches related to the topics of safety procedures and requirements on the beaches.

The Dubai Police Department reported that they received over 49,000 calls between the days of April 21 and April 23. Out of these 49,000 calls; 48,227 were meant for the emergency hotlines (999), while the remaining 1,702 calls were categorized as non-emergency and routed to 901.

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The director of the Command and Control Centre, Colonel Mohammed Abdullah Al Muhairi shared the accounts of the call center.

The Call Center received and handled 382 emails and 858 messages through the ‘Live Chat’ service on the website of Dubai Police.

The Dubai Police Department had announced earlier that they have ensured the safety of the public during this holiday season and already made news by stationing over 4000 officers for this purpose. 

They had revealed before, that to strengthen the security conditions the police department has assigned 66 traffic sergeants,798 private security personnel,165 lifeguards at Dubai beaches,14 maritime security boats,123 ambulances,738 paramedics,10 rescue boats,4,387 police officers, 29 bicycle patrols, 465 security patrols,75 civil defense vehicles,24 small cranes, and 17 land rescue patrols.

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