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The Crown Prince Of Dubai, Sheik Hamdan Attends Iftar Banquet With Autistic Children 



The Crown Prince Of Dubai, Sheik Hamdan Attends Iftar Banquet With Autistic Children 

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is compassionate, and his commitment to serving society is evident from his recent initiatives. On Wednesday, he decided to attend the Iftar banquet with autistic children and families.

This Iftar Banquet was held that the Emirates Towers Hotel. As the chairman of the Executive Council, the Crown Prince of Dubai has always been keen to support the country’s weak and marginalized. He has undertaken various programs to uplift the community as a whole.

The Crown Prince always strives for the happiness of the Community

The Crown Prince of Dubai plays a very strategic role in bolstering feelings of determination and commitment among the masses.

The objective behind such initiatives is to consolidate the efforts and deliver the highest quality of services. His presence at the Iftar Banquet with the autistic children and their families showcases his willingness to integrate these children into society and promote acceptance and tolerance towards them.

The Crown Prince always strives for the happiness of the Community

The Dubai Government has always tried to focus on enhancing the productivity of the autistic members of society. The Crown Prince aims to empower these children to realize their potential and unleash their strengths.

His recent gesture has earned him a huge amount of respect in society. He has justified his power and channelized his efforts for the welfare of the community as a whole.

In a recent interview, the Crown Prince of Dubai expressed his views on the importance of sustainable development and inclusive growth. He agreed that a country can develop only when each resident contributes to the development in the best possible way.

According to Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, no Government can afford to look down upon the specialized abled people in society.

He believes that the administration must support these people and encourage their families to avail the special facilities curated for them. He has also emphasized autistic people because medical science has proved that these people can become independent through constant efforts.

Hessa Buhumaid, General Manager of the Society of the Autistic Children, has expressed his gratitude towards the Crown Prince for attending the Iftar Banquet with the Autistic children. He went ahead to state that the families of Autistic Children need a lot of emotional and financial support. The government must make them realize their importance and cover them through various relief measures.

The Government has successfully delivered the best treatment to these autistic children, which could help reinstate them into society.

The Crown Prince has not only initiated various schemes to develop the mental faculties of the autistic but also, at the same time, bestowed his generosity upon them through his constant interactions. All of this makes autistic children and their families feel at home.

The Crown Prince of Dubai shared the Iftar Banquet with these specially abled children during the Holy month of Ramadan. He took to Twitter to share that the month of Ramadan should be devoted to the service of humanity. He urged all the entities and individuals to come forward and assist these children in overcoming life’s challenges.

According to the Crown Prince, society’s collective efforts can help extract the maximum efficiency from autistic people as they need a lot of emotional care. Even at the Iftar Banquet, the Crown Prince of Dubai personally interacted with the parents of Autistic children.

He reaffirmed the commitment of his Government to work for the upliftment of these autistic children over the period.

According to the Crown Prince of Dubai, this exercise was important to instill hope in these parents that their children would be independent someday.

Dubai has collaborated with various international organizations to support these autistic children. Various charitable institutions have been opened to provide financial aid to these children. The Government of Dubai provides free medical assistance to these children and bears the expenses of social integration.

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Dubai has been playing a very important role in these children’s upliftment over time. The Dubai Government has always focused on the overall development of the people in the country.

The recent celebration of the Zayed Humanitarian Day reflected that the UAE is committed to alleviating pain and suffering from the world and is devoted to undertaking every possible kind of measure for this.

With time, the strength of Dubai’s efforts toward the well-being of autistic children has increased exponentially. All of this displays the efforts of the country to set a new example before the world at large and encourage international participation.

International efforts would definitely be helpful to solve this issue not only within the local boundaries of Dubai but also across the international borders.

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