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UAE Abrahamic Family House Opens For All Community: Things To Know



UAE Abrahamic Family House Opens For All Community Things To Know

The city of Dubai has many exquisite features to offer which depict the inherent beauty and respect towards the tenets of secularism and equality. One such symbol is none other than the Abrahamic Family House. It is a beautiful and unified complex located near Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.

The mosque. This structure has a mosque for the Muslims, a church for the Christians and a synagogue for the Jews located in close proximity to each other.

The Abrahamic Family House opens every year at the onset of March in order to enable visitors to pay their respects.

This year too, the date of 1st March 2023 witnessed the grand opening of the Abrahamic Family House. Worshippers have expressed their ecstasy on the opening of the House. This place is truly an amalgamation of different cultures, beliefs, values and faiths.

It stands upright to promise the comfort of worship irrespective of natural, geographical and religious boundaries.

The Abu Dhabi Media Office reiterated the importance of the Abrahamic Family House for a peaceful coexistence of diversities which is ultimately driven by the feeling of reverence towards the ultimate goal.

The Abrahamic Family House is a perfect place to witness the beauty of every religion, faith and belief

The magnificent Abrahamic Family House comprises three structures namely: Imam Al-Tayeb Mosque, His Holiness Francis Church and Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue.

While the mosque is devoted to worshipping the divine Allah, the Church and Synagogue bestow the opportunity upon the Christian and Jewish worshippers respectively to establish a divine connection with the supernatural powers.

The Abrahamic Family House is a perfect place to witness the beauty of every religion, faith and belief

The structures are aligned in a way that the three structures are arranged in a triangular shape. The idea is to mitigate the socially created boundaries and enable humans to enhance their spectrum of visualisation.

The Abrahamic Family House is a soulful place to enable the worshippers to attend a service, attend a prayer meeting and participate in any kind of community gathering. In fact, it offers a chance to experience the processions of any faith other than yours. However, this would be subject to the observance of the basic code of conduct as propounded by the faith.

There is no entry fee to visit the Abrahamic Family House. The doors have always been kept open for all the worshippers. People are free to take a tour from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. every day. 

All the men and women visiting the Abrahamic Family House have to adhere to a dress code and any deviation would be grounds to reject entry to the house. Women have to wear a head covering and the men have to wear full length shirts and trousers.

The colour of the clothes must be preferably pastel. Dark and loud colours must be avoided. There is no restriction pertaining to children’s clothing for the time being. However, their heads must be covered as they enter the Abrahamic Family House.

The Abrahamic Family House, in addition to the three iconic religious structures also harbours cultural centres, libraries and museums. The libraries are the repositories of the religious and historic textbooks of different includes biblical studies, Talmudic and Islamic studies. A cultural room that preserves clippings, murals, paintings and aesthetics of history.

They have a shade of belongingness and allow a worshipper to connect with the core of the religion. These centres are a great source of exchange and knowledge. People can hear the speech of the religious preachers and can exchange their own views of the portal.

All of this helps to promote the essence of human fraternity and a sense of belongingness thereby enabling a person to overlook the differences and think of the world as an integrated whole.

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The Abrahamic Family House organises cultural and educational programmes on a regular basis. It conducts seminars, workshops and conferences for men, women, children, youth and senior citizens.

This actually becomes a meeting point of diversities and an attempt is made to mitigate them all through inter-faith studies and healthy dialogue. Different topics related to international relations, the duties of a king, marriage, the practice of patience, the resolution of conflict and ways to reduce grievances in order to sustain a happy and fruitful life are discussed on a regular basis.

Overall, it can be said that this Abrahamic Family House is an epitome of variations but it beautifully and peacefully harmonises the conflicts. It helps an individual to practise acceptance and tolerance and once he is able to practise either of these, then there is no looking back.

The problems of the country are solved automatically and it becomes feasible to govern the co-existence of 200 nationalities under the ambit of a single territory. This Abrahamic Family House is a way to preserve the essence of mankind.

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