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UAE Announces Amendment To Mandatory Military Service Law



UAE Announces Amendment To Mandatory Military Service Law

According to the latest amendments made to Federal Law No. (6) of 2014, the sole son of any Emirati family will be exempted from the mandatory “National Service” requirement permanently.

The National and Reserve Service Authority officials took to social media platforms to announce the new amendment made in the law and further explained that the new change is applicable for a sole son in an Emirati family as well as for the sole son of a mother or father.

However, it is essential to also note that if a man has female sisters, then he isn’t considered the sole child of the family or mother/father, provided that the same is officially proven in writing given by the relevant authorities functioning in the United Arab Emirates.

About The National Service Law in the UAE

The mandatory military service law, called “National Service”, in the UAE was first issued back in 2014, by then President Late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The mandatory service law was issued in reference to the Article No. 43 of the constitution that the United Arab Emirates abides by, wherein service that defends the Union that forms the UAE is considered to be a sacred duty for every citizen of the country and moreover functioning in the national service is an honor for each citizen that takes up the opportunity.

About The National Service Law in the UAE

The motivation behind implementing the law was to increase the values related to sacrifice and loyalty within the people of the UAE, allowing them to have a better understanding of religious teachings as well as an insight into the qualities that have led the different generations so far, including the qualities of socialization, leadership, physical and social power, responsibility, respect of law of the land, time, and self-reliance.

The duration of the national service will also take the younger generation of the country through a series of practical and scientific training that will give them a better outlook in life as well as a more organized personal and professional life.

To monitor the implementation and endorsement of the National Service law, the UAE also established the National and Reserve Service Authority back in 2014. Since the establishment of the first National Service Law in 2014, several amendments have been made over the years to make sure that the law has the best effect on society and the UAE population.

As per the law, every Emirati man between the age of 18 and 30, deemed to be medically fit shall undergo the approval process as set by the National and Reserve Service Committee of the UAE Armed Forces General Command, and once the approval is obtained, be part of the national service program for a limited period.

If the Emirati male enrolling for the national service program has a minimum qualification of a high school diploma or an equivalent certification, then the duration of the national service is set to 11 months. Emirati men who don’t have the minimum qualification need to function within the national service for three years.

National Service is not mandatory by law for Emirati women. However, they can join the service program if they have consent from their guardian. Also, women only have to be in the national service program for 9 months once enrolled.

During the course of the national service program, the individual will go through military training as well as lectures related to the country and its security.

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While functioning as part of the National Service program, the individual may have to perform his/her duties within the UAE Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, State Security Authority, or any other military agency within the country that is specified by the UAE Armed Forces Deputy Supreme Commander. 

Emirati nationals that are not medically fit as per the set criteria still have to undergo the national service program. However, they will be performing technical, administrative, and civil duties within the military agency in which they are posted. Medically unfit individuals will not have any training that involves weapons, nor will they have to undergo any sort of military-related exercises or offer duties during the nighttime at campsites.

It is also mandated by law that both government, public, and private organizations must allow their employees with the required leave from work to attend the national service program. Their position can be temporarily filled if necessary until their return. All the benefits related to their employment, including salaries, promotions, allowances, etc. have to be paid as usual to the employees even during their time within the national service program.

The UAE is not the only country to have mandatory military service by law for its citizens. In fact, several countries including Russia, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, Turkey, Switzerland, and Sweden also have mandatory military service enforced by law for their citizens.

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