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UAE Astronaut Neyadi Spends A Month In Space, Witnesses Over 450 Sunrises And Sunsets



UAE Astronaut Neyadi Spends A Month In Space, Witnesses Over 450 Sunrises And Sunsets

Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi recently on April 02, 2023, completed a month in the International Space Station. He left for the International Space Station on March 02, 2023, on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.  This SpaceX Dragon Crew-6 mission was launched a month ago and witnessed the participation of two astronauts from Nasa as well.

The mission was launched in Florida. Since it has been a month to this strategic mission already, Al Neyadi became a bit emotional and nostalgic while citing the incidents of the mission. According to him, this was one of the most important parts of his career which has shaped his future for the better. 

This mission has been the most pivotal in the history of Dubai. Al Nehyadi has himself confirmed that many important researches and experiments have been carried out as a part of the mission at the International Space Station. This experience has led to unraveling the hidden truths.

He has also captured all the breathtaking views of the space. He is constantly reminded of the beauty of the planet so far. According to him, space is full of secrets.

Al Neyadi has made a big revelation on the number of sunsets and sunrises he has witnessed so far

He often shares photographs and snapshots of the activities which are being undertaken by him so far. These achievements have been very exciting for the time being. 

The Emirati astronaut has recently disclosed that within one month, he has witnessed around 450 sunsets and sunrises over the period.

Al Neyadi has made a big revelation on the number of sunsets and sunrises he has witnessed so far

For the past year, he has been constantly sharing with the world his daily tasks. He has also educated people about complicated concepts such as microgravity. He along with this team is dedicated to exploring space.

They undertake different experiments which have the effect of improving the quality of life of mankind. It was recently that he shared some photographs with the Mohammed Rashid Space center wherein he was trying to separate oxygen from hydrogen to get clean air to breathe. 

In addition, this was explained to be an important process with the help of which he could recycle the used water and clean the same again.

Al Neyadi explained this to be an important process to obtain clean drinking water and clean air to breathe.

He was also shown in the photographs to have developed a specific tank that functions to purify water and air. Al Neyadi wears a PPE kit while undertaking these experiments to prevent contamination.

The entire team is working on many projects at the same time. All of this showcases the dedication of the team so far. The President of the UAE has congratulated the team so far for their hard work and efforts. 

The astronauts recently interacted with the people of Dubai through a live session organized by the Mohammed Rashid Space Center. They expressed the hardships they have to face when they are in space. They have to face innumerable challenges and difficulties.

They have to constantly work for the improvement of life conditions. In addition to making all of these efforts, they also have to constantly develop life support mechanisms that will help them to sustain themselves in space. The astronauts are assisted by an Astrobee robotic helper.

This helper allows the astronauts to perform their daily activities at the Research Center of the International Space Station. It would be easy to conclude that it is difficult to sustain in space without these measures. 

AstroBee has been an important innovation that has been developed with the collaborative efforts of the Universities in the UAE. This robot helps to perform the basic activities for the astronauts in space and at the same time transfers important data to the Space Center in Dubai.

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Al Neyadi has also found ways to entertain himself at the Station. He captures amazing views of space so far and shares such photographs with the Mohammed Rashid Space Center.

He recently shared some pictures of Mars. The pictures could easily capture the storms on the surface of the planet. He also shared recently that the entire team exercises daily so that their muscles do not start paining. 

Al Neyadi along with Stephen and Warren have earmarked the longest Arab Mission so far. They have made their country proud. According to the press release by the Mohammed Rashid space center, this team of three astronauts would be spending six months on the International Space Station.

They will be undertaking 200 experiments on this mission. Al Neyadi has been the second astronaut from the UAE who has been selected for a space mission. His efforts are being acknowledged by all the people. 

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