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UAE Cabinet Celebrating 17 Glorious Years Of Achievements: Sheikh Mohammed Lists Key Achievements



UAE Cabinet celebrates 17 years of achievements

The Prime Minister, and the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, proudly remarked that the 17 years of his life as a member of the cabinet have been beautiful and successful. Taking over 10,000 decisions in 440 meetings and adapting over 4200 legislations in all sectors and introducing 1500 smart services and signing over 600 international agreements and flourishing the country’s foreign trade doubling the GDP.

The Sheikh takes pride in his work and contributions to this hallmark day. And since then the Prime minister was ardently working towards the betterment of the nation. Sheikh Mohammed has acclaimed various achievements of the cabinet.  He acclaimed that the country is placed at the top of more than 186 global indices and in more than 430 regional indices.

UAE has the highest sovereign rating in the region, in addition to that the nation is also at the top of lists as first in the region in the ease of doing business and attracting investments, due to the nation’s macroeconomic and political stability. On this auspicious occasion, he also remarks about the brotherhood between him and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President and the Ruler of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Prime Minister promised that he along with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed will continue to work towards the growth and development of the United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Mohammed reflected upon the cabinets achievements over the 17 years

Sheikh Mohammed said that the seventeen years he served have passed quickly, and beautifully and were full of work and achievements. The Cabinet team led by him introduced essential changes to the UAE government’s performance and developed services.

Mohammed Bin Rashid completes 17 years as PM,

His Highness added, over these 17 years, ten thousand decisions in 440 meetings and over 4,200 pieces of legislation in all sectors were made. He also remarked on the shift from a traditional government to a new government which is now equipped enough, to provide over 1,500 smart services. 

Sheikh Mohammed proudly recalls how the cabinet worked for speedy movements within administrative and financial departments, and became the most effective government in public spending in the world, by growing the government budget by more than 140 percent. To improve the country’s economic climate, the cabinet enacted 330 programs and initiatives and signed 600 treaties with other countries.

Sheikh Mohammed explained that in just ten years, the UAE will have a national space agency and satellite manufacturing up and running, as well as space missions to Mars, the Moon, and the interplanetary mission, thanks to the government’s current financial efficiency and ability to keep up with global changes.

Under the exemplary vision and guidance of Sheikh Mohammed, various initiatives like The UAE government leadership program, Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program, The UAE Vision 2021, and The Emirates Program for Excellence in Government Services, etc were implemented. The cabinet has focused and accomplished a lot on the social development sector and the welfare of the general population.

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The government has spent a whopping 110 billion AED for this purpose. More than 50 billion AED have been reserved for the housing program giving underprivileged citizens a decent living. The largest share of the UAE government expenditure from the last period was for the development of the education sector, Spending around AED 160 Billion, profiting over 1.3 million students.

There are over 1,500 schools operating where these students are receiving their academic curriculum under the guidance of more than 150,000 teachers. More than 60 billion was assigned for the protection of health and community division. Now there are more than 5,000 health facilities with more doctors and nurses counting over 92,000.

The United Arab Emirates has achieved incredible feats in space technology. Currently, UAE possesses 19 orbital satellites, and ten new spacecraft are on their way to mark their feat. There are more than 50 international and emerging space companies, institutions, and facilities along with 5 research centers for space sciences.

In February 2021 UAE achieved the incredible feat of successfully entering the Martian orbit. It is the first Arab Country and one among the only five countries in the world to accomplish this triumph.

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