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UAE Condemns Statements By Israeli Minister Of Finance Denying Existence Of Palestinian People



UAE Condemns Statements By Israeli Minister Of Finance Denying Existence Of Palestinian People

The UAE is outraged by what Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said. He claimed that there is no such thing as the Palestinian people, implying that he does not believe they exist. The UAE also objected to his use of a map that depicted Israel alongside Jordan and Palestine.

The UAE stated that they strongly disagree with Smotrich’s comments and believe it is wrong to use words or actions that incite anger or promote violence.

The UAE wants people to treat each other with respect and kindness, and they believe that promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence is critical to avoid more conflict and chaos in the region.

UAE calls for support of efforts to advance the Middle East Peace Process

The MoFAIC of the UAE stressed the significance of supporting all local and global endeavors to push forward the Middle East Peace Process.

They aim to terminate any unlawful activities that may endanger the two-state solution, which entails creating a self-governing Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The UAE views this as a crucial move towards achieving peace in the Middle East.

UAE calls for support of efforts to advance the Middle East Peace Process

Countless people around the world have chastised Smotrich for his remarks about Palestinians. The Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and Jordan all condemned his remarks, and Jordan summoned Israel’s ambassador to personally criticize him.

Smotrich is a member of Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right government, which took power in December. This government has come under fire for its policies toward Palestine and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Earlier in March, Smotrich sparked outrage by calling for the destruction of a Palestinian town in the West Bank. Many people were already upset with him as a result of this, and his recent remarks about the Palestinian people have only aggravated matters.

In response to Smotrich’s denial of the Palestinian people’s existence, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has admonished the current Israeli government for promoting extremist and racist Zionist ideology.

Farhan Haq, the UN Secretary-deputy General’s spokesperson, called Smotrich’s remarks “completely unhelpful” and asserted that the Palestinian people exist. Haq added that the UN will continue to support Palestinian rights and work towards a two-state solution.

Smotrich spoke from a lectern with a map of “Greater Israel,” which included the West Bank, the annexed Golan Heights, the blockaded Gaza Strip, and Jordan. Despite his visit to France, Smotrich did not meet with any French government officials.

Israel has categorically stated that it has occupied the West Bank, east Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and the Golan Heights since the 1967 Six-Day War. Bezalel Smotrich’s comments denying the existence of the Palestinian people came during a meeting in Sharm Al Sheikh between Israeli and Palestinian representatives, as well as officials from Egypt, Jordan, and the United States, to discuss ways to reduce tensions in the region.

The Jordanian foreign ministry has condemned Smotrich’s remarks and warned that his use of a map that includes Jordan’s border may violate the 1994 peace treaty.

Following Smotrich’s controversial remarks, the Israeli foreign ministry issued a tweet reaffirming Israel’s commitment to the 1994 peace treaty with Jordan and its recognition of the Hashemite Kingdom’s territorial integrity, but without mentioning the content of the speech.

Jordan’s foreign ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to receive a strongly worded protest letter to be delivered to his government. Furthermore, Egypt, the first Arab country to recognize and sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, called Smotrich’s remarks inflammatory, unacceptable, and racist.

The Israeli foreign ministry issued a statement on Monday clarifying that Israel is committed to the 1994 peace agreement with Jordan and recognizes the Hashemite Kingdom’s territorial integrity, but it did not address the content of the speech by the Israeli Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, Matan Kahana.

Israel’s ambassador was summoned by Jordan’s ministry of foreign affairs to deliver a “strongly worded letter of protest to convey to his government” in response to the recent statements made by Israeli Minister of Finance, Avigdor Smotrich.

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Egypt also condemned Kahana’s “inflammatory and unacceptable” and “racist” remarks, as well as the recent closure of an east Jerusalem office of the West Bank-based public broadcaster Palestine by Israel’s National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, who accused the broadcaster of “incitement and supporting terror.” The Palestinian broadcaster’s chief, Ahmad Assaf, called the move a “crime against journalism.”

Recent events in Israel and Palestine highlight the region’s ongoing tensions and conflicts. Jordan and Egypt have strongly condemned Israel’s National Security Minister’s closure of the Palestine public broadcaster’s office in Jerusalem, as well as controversial remarks made by an Israeli minister.

The situation emphasizes the importance of continuing diplomatic efforts to find a lasting and peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The international community must work together to promote dialogue and facilitate negotiations between the two sides in order to achieve a peaceful resolution that respects both Israeli and Palestinian rights and aspirations.

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