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UAE Dairy Producer Rumailah Farm Is Planning an Expansion Into Agro-Tourism & Education Industries



UAE Dairy Producer Rumailah Farm

Rumailah Farm is currently Dubai’s leading producer of high-end farm products. They have recently begun collaborating with domestic and international educational and research institutions in order to venture into agro-tourism and education.

Abdullah Taleb, General Manager of Rumailah Farm, tweeted to share the objective behind such a development. He expressed that all of these efforts are oriented towards strengthening the profile of the agricultural sector of the country. These initiatives will improve the global placement of Dubai and at the same time educate the younger generations about the intricacies of the sector. 

Rumailah Farms have been playing a leading role in improving the quality of dairy products through the latest innovations in Dubai. They are entering into new partnerships with the leading research centers for building a loyal base of customers.

The Rumailah Farms opens doors to the public

Rumailah farms have left no stone unturned to revolutionise the agricultural sector of Dubai. They have opened their farmhouses to the public. Visitors from Dubai and other countries visit these farms to witness the dairy operations. They get a chance to interact with the Jersey cows.

UAE Dairy Producer Rumailah Farm Set To Expand Into Agro-Tourism & Education Industries

Rumailah farms currently are bestowed with the maximum number of jersey cows throughout Middle East Asia. Visitors also satisfy their curiosity by understanding the process through which Rumailah Farms achieve its unique taste and amazing quality. 

Rumailah farms specialise in the production of exotic dairy products such as cheese, coffee beans, fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt, and tea leaves. These farms have also established their custom and premium coffee shops throughout the country to treat their customers with freshly brewed organic coffee beans.

Their efforts have actually helped to boost the global reputation of Dubai. In fact, the contribution of the agricultural sector to the gross domestic product has also been increasing since the inception of these initiatives. Despite being a private farm, the Rumailah farms remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality for the welfare of the community as a whole. 

According to Taled, the administration of the farms has decided to partner with GEMS Winchester School Fujairah. In accordance with the terms of the agreement, around 600 students would be allowed to access the facilities and the operations of the Rumailah farms. The students can observe and enquire about the agricultural processes and know more about the sector so as to enhance their knowledge.

These students would be guided by professional experts and research scholars of the farms. The aim of this agreement is to pass on the knowledge of the agricultural sector to aspiring youth. The entire experience would be extremely wholesome and fulfilling for the students as they would get a real-time opportunity to explore the sector. 

Rumailah farms would enter into additional partnerships with other institutions and organizations in the coming years. They have already devised a detailed plan of action in this respect so far. The Executive Manager of the farms shared on Twitter that the Rumailah farms owe their existence to the resources of Dubai and hence, it is their duty to educate the upcoming generation about the great pool of organic wealth that the country enjoys.

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All of these efforts would foster leadership among young minds. This will enhance their contribution to building a stronger agricultural economy. Rumailah farms strongly believe in the competence of the youth as they are the future of the country. 

With these efforts, Rumailah farms have managed to become a household name in Dubai. It has helped to improve the technology and the quality of products to meet global standards. Through these partnerships, the farm is enhancing its caliber to face the tough competition posed by the international farms in the country.

They have opted to stay true to their values and hence build trust and confidence among their customers so far. They comply with the legal rules and regulations and all of their farm products are certified and authentic. They adhere to safety norms and regulatory standards which are meant for developing safe products for human consumption. 

Rumailah farms are committed to serving its customers by curating products with utmost care and dedication. Their recent initiative to enter into a partnership will motivate the youth to come forward and develop this sector to reach new heights. It is clearly in consonance with Dubai’s initiative to develop its agricultural sector and make that capable enough to face global challenges. 

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