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UAE: Dnata Catering Expands Its presence In Australia First ever



UAE Dnata Catering Expands Its presence In Australia First ever

Dnata is a leading company in Dubai. It operates in the capacity of being the largest global air and travel services provider. Over time, it has emerged to be a phenomenal food catering company that is now expanding its footprint across different nations such as Australia.

Dnata Partners is contributing massively to the gross domestic product of Dubai for the time being. Its international engagement has been increasing with time. It has successfully developed a market for its services across borders. 

Australia has recently launched its airline Bonza. The contract of managing the operations and executing the services has been assigned to none other than Dnata. In fact, it is through this contract that Dnata has cracked the Australian market.

It will be handling the retail catering department of Bonza and will also offer a 100% Australian menu to the airline. This contract is expected to subsist for multiple years down the line.

Dnata would contribute to the global experience by providing end-to-end customized solutions across borders

Dnata promises seamless delivery of services in Australia so that it could enter the nearby markets for the further expansion of its operations. 

Dnata would contribute to the global experience by providing end-to-end customized solutions across borders

Dnata aims to deliver the best quality of services to the Australian people via their airline Bonza. It is effectively developing a plan to introduce changes according to the intricacies of the national borders. It has developed a special task force for managing the catering services of Bonza.

The task force has already initiated discussions with the Australian counterparts to design a wholesome Australian menu for the airline. Their aim is to provide World class services to Australians. It would be definitely possible through their dedicated and committed services. 

Dnata is working and functioning to the best of its capacity to deliver its expertise toward the implementation of the airline’s retail program. The task force is now contemplating the development of a broad range of Australian products that would be served by the airline.

It is working closely on providing curated beverages, Multi-cuisine food along with innumerable munchies and snacking items. The main objective behind the development of an exhaustive menu is to boost the onboard experience of the travelers in the airlines and enhance the revenue of the airline through ancillary operations. 

In order to ease the transactions between the two countries, Dnata has decided to set up a new catering center at the Sunshine Coast Airport in Australia. The management has decided to perform most of the retail-based operations through this center and supply the same directly to the airline instead of waiting for the supplies to reach Dubai.

It will reduce the processing time and boost the efficiency of its operations. The newly established Sunshine Coast Airport of Australia would be offering Burgeoning transportation facilities for the quick delivery of meals to the airline. 

Dnata has expanded its operations beyond the scope of a single airline in Australia itself. It offers tailor-made customized food retailing solutions to almost 40 airlines in Australia alone.

It has employed more than 3000 professionally trained experts who would be handling the execution of the assignments in the newly established catering center in Australia.

In addition, Dnata has partnered with new suppliers to maintain a constant supply of customized food to the contracted airlines. It has subdivided the catering center into 15 new facilities and each of these facilities looks after different operations.

The CEO of Dnata has recently expressed his satisfaction upon being selected as the only in-flight retail partner from Dubai. According to him, it is a matter of pride that Dnata would be leaving an imprint upon the history of the Australian aviation industry with the help of its seamlessly perfect services.

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The COO of Bonza Airline also expressed his gratitude for Dnata’s effort to source on demand an Australian menu from its home country, Dubai and get the same delivered to the passengers on their airline seats. The catering services have been able to boost the revenue of the airline and the passengers seem to be extremely satisfied. 

The Airline further contemplates introducing timely changes via innovation to the meals and beverages served on the flight. The passengers would be enjoying the Australian delicacies made with the experts of Dubai.

Dnata has got everything that the airline needs for the time being. This partnership would be extremely successful. All the officials of the airline look forward to hosting more guests on board with a finely curated Australian menu.

Dnata is actually a very important factor that contributes to the growth of Bonza Airlines. In fact, the tailor-made menu has become the unique selling proposition of the airline and that is what attracts the passengers for the time being. 

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