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UAE: Dubai Named 2023 Golf Destination Of The Year



UAE Dubai Named 2023 Golf Destination Of The Year

Dubai and Thailand!  Being named Golf Destinations of the Year by the IAGTO is a significant achievement and recognition of the quality of golf courses and facilities available in these destinations. The finest players in the world, including Jack Nicklaus and Gary Players, have designed some of the most well-known golf courses in Thailand, making it a popular destination for golfers.

The nation appeals to golfers seeking an unforgettable golfing experience since it offers a distinctive blend of culture, history, and stunning scenery.

In contrast, Dubai has made a name for itself as a premier golf destination in recent years because to a number of excellent courses created by golfing greats like Greg Norman and Ernie Els. It’s not surprising that Dubai has grown to be a popular destination for golfers from all over the world given its year-round sunlight and opulent lodging options.

Five Golf Destinations Named Golf Destinations of the Year, Alongside Outstanding Service Providers in 22 Countries

South Carolina, Cyprus, and Los Cabos are among great golf destinations that provide challenging experiences to players of all skill levels. Each of these places has unique characteristics that set them apart from the competition.

Five Golf Destinations Named Golf Destinations of the Year, Alongside Outstanding Service Providers in 22 Countries

Being voted Golf Destination of the Year by the IAGTO is a noteworthy accomplishment and a testimonial to the industry’s tenacity and commitment to these locations. It’s not surprising that they made the shortlist, and golfers may anticipate playing in these locations where the game is played at the highest level.

Some well-known brands were represented in the field of golf resorts, courses, and hotels, including Constance Hotels & Resorts from Mauritius, Dubai Golf, Hoiana Beaches Golf Club from Vietnam, and Vattanac Golf Resort from Cambodia. Together with well-known names like Pebble Beach and Kiwah Island in the United States, the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland, and Adare Manor in Ireland, these golfing locations were honoured.

Easy Golf Ball from Indonesia and SEGA Tours Indian Ocean from Mauritius were both recognized with honours in the category of destination management and transportation firms.

Since its establishment in 2000, the IAGTO Awards have been regarded as the most prestigious honours in the world of golf tourism. The 2023 edition of the awards acknowledged the extraordinary service offered by 60 golf resorts, golf courses, hotels, responsive operators, and tourist boards from 22 countries in addition to honoring the top five golf locations of the year.

Voting for the locations and companies that offered tourists an extraordinary golfing experience in 2022 was open to IAGTO members from all five continents.IAGTO members are in a good position to evaluate the effectiveness of golf locations and business partners based on the experiences of their clients because they are the top international sales agents for golf vacations.

The IAGTO’s CEO, Peter Walton, states that as IAGTO golf tour operators handle 90% of all international golf holiday sales globally, they are in a unique position to evaluate the performance of golf destinations and the assistance offered by business partners.

Peter Walton, the IAGTO CEO, highlighted the diversity of this year’s IAGTO Award winners, who came from 669 golf tour operators in 61 different countries.

Smaller golfing destinations including Cyprus, Dubai, and Los Cabos were acknowledged alongside industry heavyweights like South Carolina and Thailand as part of the Awards, which honoured both well-known and up-and-coming golfing locales.

60 golf resorts, golf courses, hotels, receptive operators, and tourist boards were also honoured for their exceptional service as part of the Awards in addition to the locations. Along with well-known golf resorts like Adare Manor, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Casa de Campo, Fancourt, and SO/ Sotogrande Resort, this list also included some relatively recent additions like the Vattanac Golf Resort in Cambodia, Hoiana Shores Golf Club in Vietnam, and the Monte Rei Golf & Country Club in Portugal.

The Outstanding Service Award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of these industry partners in providing exceptional service to golf travelers.

The IAGTO Awards not only honour well-known figures in the golf industry, but also the extraordinary service offered by specialized golf receptive operators like Desert Gate Tourism in the United Arab Emirates and PAGS in Portugal.

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Golf visitors may expect a flawless experience thanks to these businesses’ organization of the ground arrangements for international golf tour operators.

The prizes recognize not as well-known locations as well, such El Gouna Golf Club on Egypt’s Red Sea coast and Heritage Hotels in Kenya. Even though golfers may not be aware of these locations, IAGTO’s acknowledgment of them speaks volumes about the quality of its amenities and services.

To sum up, the IAGTO Awards recognize the best golf destinations, businesses, and tourist boards in the industry. This year’s winners represented a mix of established and emerging golf destinations, with recognition given to specialist golf-receptive operators and lesser-known golf facilities that offer exceptional service.

The Awards also acknowledge the crucial role played by tourist boards in supporting the growth of golf tourism, with special recognition given to those that have gone above and beyond, such as Cadiz Tourism, Florida’s First Coast of Golf, and England’s Golf Coast.

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