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UAE Gender Balance Council Explores Stronger Cooperation



UAE Gender Balance Council Explores Stronger Cooperation

As part of the efforts to increase cooperation between the UAE Gender Balance Council (UAE GBC)and the Women’s Forum of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, a meeting was held on Thursday between the heads of the two institutions.

Her Excellency Mona Ghanem Al Marri, Vice President of the UAE Gender Balance Council attended the meeting and she said that the UAE GBC hopes to establish stronger ties with the national and international organizations that work towards gender balancing goals.

The UAE is eager to extend its partnership with international gender-balancing organizations

The new move from the UAE GBC is also part of the larger agenda of the UAE administration to increase the role of women in various fields; help them achieve success in different professions, and to increase the gender balance regionally and globally. 

The UAE is eager to extend its partnership with international gender-balancing organizations

The UAE Gender Balance Council has been a pioneering institution in creating initiatives and economic strategies that help women to seek prominent positions in both public and private sectors. 

The discussion was held under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the General Secretariat of the Federal National Council. Also, the delegation from the Mediterranean Parliament was present in the UAE to be part of the meeting.

It was a comprehensive platform where the delegation could get a more detailed look into the Council’s various initiatives for women’s empowerment and the opportunities provided to them for equalizing gender representation in the UAE economy. 

The council was reflecting the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation in its activities.

The economic growth of the UAE with the inclusion and representation of women was part of the major directives of Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the UAE Gender Balance Council, President of the Dubai Women Establishment and wife of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Presidential Affairs. 

Last week, the UAE GBC organized the seventh edition of the UAE Global Gender Circle in Davos, Switzerland. The 7th edition was held under the title “Public-Private Partnerships for Measurable Progress- Discussing the SDG 5 Pledge to Accelerate Gender Balance in the UAE Private Sector”  and the seminar mainly discussed the positive impacts of the Public-Private partnerships under the SDG 5 pledge.

The seminar was held under the supervision of Her Excellency Mona Ghanem Al Marri and in the presence of the officials from multiple UAE private sector companies who signed the pledge. Several global leaders from the private sector who are supportive of the Gender Balance initiative were also present. The seminar happened at the UAE pavilion at the World Economic Forum and the SDG 5 pledge was initiated in 2022 beginning with the goal of increasing women’s participation in private sector jobs and achieving a 30 percent representation in leadership positions by 2025. 

Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum remarked that the 7th Global Gender Circle Seminar had been successful in creating a productive discourse around the possibility of creating international partnerships with the Gender Balance Council and other institutions that are keen to work together to promote gender balance and create sustainable development models.   

She also asserted that the initiative of the UAE administration in promoting gender roles in the private sector is part of its larger vision to create a healthy economy under a strong foundation. These foundations shall work only by creating social and family stability that is possible through providing full opportunities for women.

The UAE leadership also believes in setting up more flexible and progressive legislative structures that make the Emirate Nation an ideal destination for work and residence. In the future too, these legislations shall be prioritized attracting major international companies to invest in the stable economic model of the UAE without fearing global crisis or challenges.

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The UAE GBC was also selected as the knowledge partner with the World Economic Forum (WEF) for creating more strategies and initiatives to spread the message of gender balance worldwide. The announcement was made at a meeting that was attended by Kalus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. 

Yesterday’s meeting also touched on various other achievements of women, especially in the political sphere. The UAE has one of the world’s highest numbers of female representation in its Parliament. The Emirate nation secured the first rank under the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021, for this progressive achievement.

Apart from this, the UAE Federal National Council has fifty percent and UAE Cabinet has 27.5 percent women representation. According to Al Marri, the UAE administration has always put the matter of gender balance as one of its topmost administrative strategies that will help boost the development journey of the nation.    

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