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UAE Is A Global Platform For Shaping Future Of Emergency And Crisis Management: Tahnoun Bin Zayed



UAE Is A Global Platform For Shaping Future Of Emergency And Crisis Management: Tahnoun Bin Zayed

The Crisis and Emergency Management Summit (CEMS) 2023 will be brought under their roof by industry experts and delegates from 11 nations to talk about major challenges, trends, risks, strategies, and solutions for their 7th edition.

The theme this year will be ‘Abu Dhabi-2023’

The National Security Adviser and the Deputy ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the patron, the summit which will be held for 2 days will be themed as ‘Abu Dhabi 2023’. The event will be organized by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA).

Tahnoun Bin Zayed

The official spokesperson for CEMS-Abu Dhabi 2023 Mariam Yaed Al Qubaisi, during a media briefing, shared her views on the topic and said that the summit will be discussing the future of emergency management with the rapid increase in the threats and risks in addition to underlining the areas of including new technologies like artificial intelligence to forecast risks, disasters, and crisis to diminish the adverse consequences.

According to her, the summit targets to increase the preparedness of the emergency and crisis units.

Participants from diverse fields will be attending the summit to contribute to the intentions of the event. Over 20 officials who are senior in status from security, emergency, and crisis management will be attending the summit.

In addition to that, experts from 11 countries will be attending. Leading figures will be addressing the event like Loretta Hieber Giradet, the Chief of the Risk Knowledge, Monitoring, and Capacity Development Branch at the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR); The President of BCM Institute, Dr. Goh Moh Heng; The Clinical Professor of Global Affairs, Dr. Christopher Ankersen; James Morris, The President of Rabdan Academy, an expert in crisis and emergency management, Adnan Alwan and more.

This event will comprise sessions that set its target of contributing to sculpting the future of the field worldwide, including topics such as comprehensive and combined approaches to non-traditional management of emergencies and crises, readiness to encounter unexpected situations, cross-border risks, preparing the leaders of the future for such emergencies and crises in addition to community partnership in victoriously emerging out of any emergency and crises, among so many related topics along the lines.

Al Qubaisi remarked that with the participation of senior executives and experts from regional, national, and international entities who are concerned with security and emergency management, their transference of knowledge and experience could be combined to build an advanced emergency and crisis management system that will be beneficial to everybody.

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This Crisis and Emergency Management Summit will be seen as an international platform that reinforces partnerships, consolidates global cooperation, and will serve as a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences on the topics of emergencies, crisis, and disaster management.

Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed said that in 2023 CEMS will work towards bringing together international efforts in this sector of emergency and crisis management.

He also added that the United Arab Emirates under the leadership of President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is dedicated to upgrading to the best practices in this field, which is at the top of the priority list for UAE’s strategic planning process and priorities.

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