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UAE Launches ‘Future 100’ Initiative To Support Start-ups 



UAE Launches ‘Future 100’ Initiative To Support Start-ups 

The United Arab Emirates introduces a new program in the name of Future 100 to honor 100 startups. The country aims to boost up emirate’s economy and support the new economic sectors through this initiative. Its launch in Dubai was proclaimed by The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Governmental development and future economy on Tuesday.  

The future 100 programs are supporting the highly beneficial sectors for the future such as emerging technology, renewable energy, and space. The new initiative will help to shape the country’s future economy. 

Abdulla Bin Touq the Minister of the United Arab Emirates commented the top 100 companies will be selected and honored by some clear criteria, aspects, and objectives. 

The future 100 program aims to boost its rank in UAE on the Global Index. 

New initiatives introduced by the UAE Government

The United Arab Emirates is an active government that performing in all fields and showing success worldwide. Planning programs for the development of the economy and for the welfare of people are standing out performances of the government. The government taking initiatives to achieve the goals of the future of the economy. There are several programs launched by the government.

New initiatives introduced by the UAE Government

The fifty economic plan

The circular economy policy

The national program for Artificial intelligence 2023

The energy strategy 2050

The Green growth strategy

The Emirates Blockchain Strategy

The UAE Centennial 2017 roadmap

The strategy for the Fourth industrial revolution 

Ohoud Al Roumi the Minister of State for Government Developmental and future said at the launch on Tuesday that, the reason today we enjoyed a successful development model because of the UAE’s unique futuristic vision. UAE is planning and implementing unique and more advanced initiatives for the sake of the people and for the development of the country. The future of the country is unpredictable. After 20 years we can see a drastic change in all fields of UAE. and we must be ready to accept it because it will not similar to that seen in this year or previous years. 

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In recent years start-up has been boosted by entrepreneurs to address consumer needs. In 2022 October the industry was boosted by the government through the Ministry of Economy launched its new initiative in the name of an Updated entrepreneurial Nation. It aims to support more than 8000 small and medium enterprises and startups by the year 2030. 

When it comes to the case of startups, Emirates was among the top countries said Ahman Alwan, the deputy chief executive of Hub71, Abu Dhabi’s technology ecosystem in Dubai on Tuesday. We are not only able to attract opportunities, but we are also ready to transfer knowledge, he also added.

A Panel discussion was done at the Future 100 launch program on Tuesday. Ahmad Alwan the deputy chief executive of Hub17, Faisal Belhoul the vice chairman of the Dubai chamber, and Mohammed Al Musharrakh the chief executive of invest in Sharjah attended the discussion and was Moderated by Lubna Bouza, editor-in-chief of business news at sky news of Arabia TV. 

The program is implemented by offering incentives and benefits to young entrepreneurs and also helping them to begin their own startups with new ideas. Transforming startups into international business is also within the program.

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