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UAE Launches National Genome Strategy In The Presence Of UAE President



UAE Launches National Genome Strategy In The Presence Of UAE President

The Government of Dubai is committed to improving the well-being and health of the people overall. Therefore, the President of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has made an initiative to launch the National Genome Strategy in association with the Emirates Genome Council.

The strategy aims to promote public health for enhancing the quality of the lives of the citizens. Dubai has recently committed itself to become a global leader by strengthening its health infrastructure according to global standards. The enforcement of the National Genome Strategy is likely to be a move beneficial in this direction. 

The National Genome Strategy functions after amalgamating the innovation, technology, and existing healthcare facilities. The Strategy focuses on providing better preventive and customized healthcare services to the citizens.

These tailor-made healthcare solutions highlight the biggest contribution of advancement of the healthcare sector in the growth and development of a country as a whole. The dignitaries of the UAE are currently leading the ‘One million genome’ project for the fulfillment of the objectives enumerated by the National genome strategy. 

The National Genome Strategy will bolster the development of a sustainable ecosystem for healthcare 

The National Genome strategy has been put into force under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who is the Vice President of the UAE.

It has been specifically sponsored by the Emirates Genome Council, an organization that was established in 2021 to consolidate the development and progress in research and technology.

The National Genome Strategy will bolster the development of a sustainable ecosystem for healthcare 

The Institution works for devising unique medical appliances and services by collaborating with the efforts of various medical institutions. The efforts of the council are oriented towards building strategic partnerships in order to provide world-class health solutions. 

The Emirates Genome Council is now making an attempt through this renewed National Genome strategy to decipher the genetic health of the citizens. This information would be helpful to prevent the spread of acute and chronic diseases among the people of Dubai. Until now, the council had the genetic information of around 4,00,000 people so far.

The objective of the organization is to collect the data of millions of people in the UAE so as to protect people from diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

With the help of this data, medical researchers and institutions would be in a better position to precisely determine the health risks for every citizen and exercise preventive measures for them. 

The National genome strategy is premised on five major pillars. The first pillar deals with the establishment of a governance mechanism to regulate the body.

The second pillar aims to collect the data and the third one of them focuses on building innovation capacities. The fourth pillar encourages the development of genetic appliances and the last pillar focuses on accelerating world-class healthcare programs.

Therefore, the stakeholders of the Emirates Genome Council rightfully acknowledge this strategy to be the foundation of medical science in the times to come. Various clinical and pre-genetic programs are yet to be formulated in this direction. 

The genome program will be implemented in phases the first phase would witness the introduction of pharmacogenomics programs and the second phase of the program would be oriented toward the implementation of the genetic screening program.

The Ministry of Health, the Dubai Health Authority, the Dubai Academic Health Corporation, and the Emirates Health Services Establishment are the stakeholders of this program.

The remaining phases are yet to be planned and devised. In addition to these medical institutions, various educational universities and research centers are also working in collaboration with the Emirates Genome Council. These educational institutions include Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the University of Sharjah. 

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The program aims to encourage medical experts to examine the health reports of the citizens whose genetic samples have been collected so far. These genetic samples are reviewed and studied by doctors.

They determine diseases to which the patient is likely to be exposed. In addition, they work towards the development of a preventive technology that not only detects the diseases but also at the same time devises ways to cure the same. This technology is currently being developed by research Institutions. The program is working to regularise the adoption of the latest technology for the welfare of the citizens of the UAE. 

This is the best way to offer advanced medical care to people so far. The government is acting in unison with these organizations for the realization of the ultimate goals.

The key updates are regularly shared by the Emirates genome Council and this is very vital to keep a check on the functioning of the organization. 

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