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UAE Launches New Golden Visa Platform



UAE Launches New Golden Visa Platform

The Government of the UAE is committed to making the Emirates a prestigious and valuable global destination. Therefore, the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs, and Port Security of the UAE has recently launched a comprehensive service to obtain a Golden Residency Visa for people who are willful to settle in the UAE

The latest mechanism has simplified the processes associated with the issuance and renewal of Golden visas. While the Emirates is opening its doors to foreign nationals, the European Union has practically revoked its Golden Visa. This is encouraging foreign nationals to choose Dubai over other nations.

The New Golden Visa Programme lays down new technicalities for the foreign nationals 

The Federal Authority has recently confirmed that they are not contemplating any stringent move in line with the latest European developments.

Instead, the Government is devising a new mechanism to encourage foreign nationals to apply for the Golden Visa in the UAE. All of these measures are likely to elevate the global position of the UAE as an emerging international leader.

The New Golden Visa Programme lays down new technicalities for the foreign nationals 

The efforts of the Emirates are also committed to improving the quality of government services which ultimately boosts the quality of lives of the residents in the UAE irrespective of their citizenship.

According to the latest notification by the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs, and Port Security of the UAE, a well-elaborative One Touch Golden Visa Service has been launched. This program lays down the guidelines to assist foreign nationals to apply for the Golden Visa.

This new program amends the Golden Visa Programme of 2015. Various amendments have been introduced to ease the process of application. These measures will make it convenient for foreign nationals to settle in the UAE. 

The One Touch Golden Visa Service reduces the formalities required to comply at the time of application. The concerned individuals can easily make an application for the issuance of the Golden Visa at a designated platform.

The platform seeks to aid the applicants during the process of application. These applicants are constantly guided about the different types of visas. They have explained the processes to apply for every type of visa.

The platform provides a real-time tracking system to monitor the status of the application. This mechanism allows the applicants to renew their visas automatically. Most of the dilatory steps in the process have been already removed to make it easy for the nationals to obtain their Golden Visa.

The Federal Authority has also launched an ICP website. It is equipped with all the tools and features that can assist the applicants to customize their visa applications by providing any additional and specific information. In addition to the website, the Federal Authority has also launched an official smart application, UAEICP. 

The Authority has encouraged all the applicants to apply for the Golden Visa either through the website or through the smart application. This announcement has been made recently by the authority through the ICP’s official Instagram channel.

Ever since the notification has been released, the number of applications has increased exponentially.

Once the Golden Visa has been issued to the applicants, they can live and work in the UAE for a defined period of time. They also get to enjoy some exclusive benefits from the country. For instance, these foreigners do not need a sponsor to sustain their survival in the UAE. they also have permission to stay outside the UAE for six months to validate their residence visa.

These successful applicants can also bring their families, children, and spouses to the UAE without undertaking any separate process.

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These developments have positively contributed to making the UAE a global ecosystem that demonstrates acceptance and tolerance. According to the authorities, the arrival of foreign talents in the UAE is very beneficial in raising the gross domestic product of the country so far.

The new Golden Visa Service program has also reduced the requirement of the minimum salary to apply for this Golden Visa from Dh 50,000 to Dh 30,000. It has become possible for professionals to enroll in universities and research centers for the long term.

They are also eligible for residency and public transportation. In addition, various courses in medicine, information technology, law, engineering, administration, and social sciences have been specifically curated for these foreign nationals at a reduced cost. The minimum period of residency has been extended to 10 years as per the latest amendment.

This new initiative is likely to benefit the UAE in many ways. It will become a global center for technology and innovation in the times to come. The Government is undertaking more measures in this regard.

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